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Period Hanging Lanterns

The Period House Store are proud to introduce you to our range of period lighting, specialising in traditional lighting mainly from the Victorian & Edwardian Era, all of our products are hand made and finished to order. We endeavour where possible to be as faithful to the original pieces as modern safety standards will allow. Each item is hand crafted to be an original in its own right, and for this reason some of our products are often mistaken for the costly antiques originals we recreate.

Our period lighting is manufactured in solid brass, these timeless pieces are made to last a lifetime. Our glassware is hand blown and finished in England and France mostly made exclusively for our products. Fabric shades are also hand made in England.

Our traditional and antique lighting is sold throughout the world and has been used in stately homes, castles, hotels, museums, churches, restaurants and theme parks, as well as gracing some of the finest private homes. We can wire and supply fully approved products for any country in the world.

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Wheelhouse Pendant

Wheelhouse Pendant£210.50

Strathmore Hanging Lantern

Strathmore Hanging Lantern£327.10

Chelsea Pendant

Chelsea Pendant£281.00

Large Chelsea Pendant

Large Chelsea Pendant£698.00

Windsor Pendant

Windsor Pendant£300.31

Gothic Hanging Lantern

Gothic Hanging Lantern£444.40

Large Gothic Hanging Lantern

Large Gothic Hanging Lantern£859.87

Pagoda Pendant

Pagoda Pendant£362.18

Medium Pagoda Pendant

Medium Pagoda Pendant£543.81

Large Pagoda Pendant

Large Pagoda Pendant£751.41

Wentworth Pendant

Wentworth Pendant£337.72

Balmoral Pendant

Balmoral Pendant£510.16

Kensington Pendant

Kensington Pendant£335.10

Bevelled Glass Lantern

Bevelled Glass Lantern£491.00

Deck Lamp

Deck Lamp£286.40

Smithy's Lamp

Smithy's Lamp£683.30

Broughton Light Pendant

Broughton Light Pendant£590.68

Captains Brass Pendant

Captains Brass Pendant£297.43

Euston Pendant

Euston Pendant£231.00

Falmouth Lamp

Falmouth Lamp£301.80

Freighter Pendant

Freighter Pendant£326.10

Gothic Solid Brass 5 Light Pendant

Gothic Solid Brass 5 Light Pendant£1,525.65

Large Anchor Lamp

Large Anchor Lamp£210.00

Large Balmoral Pendant

Large Balmoral Pendant£638.50

Large Cargo Lamp

Large Cargo Lamp£230.18

Large Paddington Pendant

Large Paddington Pendant£631.50

Paddington Pendant

Paddington Pendant£527.82

Paddington Pendant With Cage

Paddington Pendant With Cage£478.00

Small Cargo Lamp

Small Cargo Lamp£173.60

Titanic Brass Pendant

Titanic Brass Pendant£796.40

Victoria Pendant

Victoria Pendant£275.60

Watchmans Lantern

Watchmans Lantern£262.30

Knightsbridge Pendant - Small

Knightsbridge Pendant - Small£362.18

Large Duomo Pendant

Large Duomo Pendant£908.56

Medium Duomo Pendant

Medium Duomo Pendant£759.45


Page 1 of 1:    46 Items
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