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Period Door Furniture - Door Knockers

Traditional Door Knockers

Door knockers are not only practical but also a stylish way to compliment your front door.  Our period door furniture collection has a wide selection ranging from the ever popular Doctors Knocker, the classic Lions head knocker to the more contemporary loop knockers. All our door knockers are available in a wide variety of finishes.

Polished brass is ideal for Victorian properties when matched with an elegant letterbox, where the pewter and black  are suitable for cottages and barn conversions.

We also have a wide selection of traditional external door furniture to compliment.

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Doctors Knockers - Various Finishes

Doctors Knockers - Various Finishes£30.00  -  £44.00

Lions Head Door Knockers - Various Finishes

Lions Head Door Knockers - Various Finishes£30.00  -  £44.00

Rams Head Knockers - Various Finishes

Rams Head Knockers - Various Finishes£50.00  -  £65.00

Regency Door Knockers - Various Finishes

Regency Door Knockers - Various Finishes£50.00  -  £65.00

Cast Loop Door Knocker - Various Finishes

Cast Loop Door Knocker - Various Finishes£38.40  -  £42.67

Pear Shaped Door Knocker - Various Finishes

Pear Shaped Door Knocker - Various Finishes£37.00  -  £45.40

Ring Door Knocker - Various Finishes

Ring Door Knocker - Various Finishes£44.00  -  £53.00

Cardea Door Knockers - Various Finishes

Cardea Door Knockers - Various Finishes£29.00  -  £73.00

Ring Door Knockers - Various Finishes

Ring Door Knockers - Various Finishes£58.68  -  £74.88

Lion Head Door Knocker

Lion Head Door Knocker£30.00

Rope Door Knocker

Rope Door Knocker£40.00

Cardea Black Ring Knocker

Cardea Black Ring Knocker£23.50


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items
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