Finding Oversized Period Door Furniture

Friday, 7 March 2014

A product range that we are continually developing is a collection of oversized period door furniture, for both external and internal use. The reason behind these products was our bespoke external doors. At the time we were struggling to find traditional door furniture which worked proportionally with the oversized bespoke doors we were making for customers. We were limited to the choice we could offer customers.

However, about 5 years ago we approached one of our manufacturers with this issue. Soon after we were able to offer customer the stunning Large Brass Beehive and Mortice Octagonal Door Handles. Since then we have added a nickel version of each handle. To extend the range of period door furniture we also carry a range of matching letterplates, letterplate covers and door knockers

Although our range of oversized traditional door furniture was firstly developed for our external doors, they compliment our range of standard sized fixtures. For example, the Bloxwich range also include the Bloxwich Handle (suitable for mortice & rimlocks) and large & small Blowick Cupboard Knob. Increasingly, we are finding customers are using the larger door handles on internal doors. 

As always at the Period House Store, were are searching for ideas and comments from our customers to develop future products. Personally, I am looking to expand our range of escutcheons or keyhole covers for large external doors. On a recent project, for a customer who needed very specific period door furniture for her project, I was able to source several large, but plain unlaquered brass escutcheons.