How To Clean a Cast Iron Fireplace

Friday, 6 September 2013  |  Admin

Live out your upstairs/downstairs fantasies with a spot of grate blackening!

Every week: A once over with the vacuum should keep  cast iron fireplaces looking presentable. Rust is a problem with cast iron, so don't use water to clean it. 

Stubborn dirt can be tackled with methylated spirits - apply on soft cloths, changing them as you go until they come away clean, and keeping away from any tiles as meths may damage them.

Re-blacken your cast iron fireplace with black grate polish, but protect carpet, wallcoverings, etc nearby unless you'd like a huge mess.  

Always check manufacturer's instructions first. Always try a test patch first. If you are unsure as to whether the item you are cleaning is suitable for our instructions, take professional cleaning advice first.