Keeping Your Victorian-Style Home Warm This Winter

Friday, 11 January 2019  |  Admin

Winter is all about keeping your house warm by investing the minimum. It is more than just saving money, it is about the fact that old houses are not easy to warm. And poor insulation adds to the misery. Here are some cost-saving ways to keep your Victorian property warm—not just by making complete use of your Victorian fireplace but through other modern tips:

Use Sunlight during the Day

Warming the house as the sun rays stream in, keeps it warm and cozy. It improves ventilation making the house more comfortable at night. You should open the curtain where there is a scope for light and let the sun shine in. Avoid opening curtains of the rooms without the sunlight.

Move Furniture away from Vents

There are chances that you might have blocked your heating vents with furniture. Usually, blocking the vents in a central heating system causes air pressure issues, which disrupts the heat flow. Therefore, you should re-arrange it to get maximum heat potential.

Mitigate Stack Effect

The term stack effect implies to the movement of air in and out of homes and other buildings. In the process, the warm air in the house pulls in cool air from the outside through any gap it finds. This replaces the warm air with the cooler one.

The Magic of Cast Iron Radiators

Cast Iron Radiators are environmentally and economically efficient equipment to keep the house warm. The radiator casting allows hot water from the central heating boiler to enter the radiator to flow up, down and across the boiler. The heating in turn warms the surrounding air which eventually heats the room. These cast radiators are available in different styles including Victorian style radiators, traditional cast iron radiators, and more. You can choose the radiator according to your home’s interior.

Look for Leaks and Seal Them

Usually, there are chances of air leaks beyond windows and doors. They could be through attics, basements, and even kitchen hood vents. It is therefore, necessary to look for such leaks and fix them.

Keeping Rooms Warm by Closing Doors

Closing the room while leaving creates a little sauna as there is no room for heat to escape. This keeps the room warm and nice till the morning. You should also block any air gap in the room to ensure a warm and cozy room.

These tips and ideas help in keeping the family and house warm and comfortable during the chilly weather. They help in creating proper insulations, ventilation and warm environment in the house. If you would like to know more about the Cast Iron Radiator service then you can fill out our contact form or email us