Special Offer - Hack & Spade

Friday, 16 January 2015  |  Admin

B&B Offer from PHS - Hack & Spade

      At the Period House Store we understand that, unfortunately, many of our customers cannot visit our North Yorkshire showroom. Those customers that do travel to see us and discuss their design & project idea are treated to a warm welcome and often comment that the visit, whether from down road or the far ends of the globe, has been well worth the effort and appreciate a face to a name/voice. 

      In lieu of this, we have set up an offer with a local B&B called the Hack & Spade @ Whaston, about 10mins from our showroom, where we will reimburse customers for the cost of their one night accommodation when the customer spends over £3000.00 with us. 

      We have supplied Jane and Andy @ the Hack & Spade materials for the refurishment of the restaurant and they are regular customers of ours. If you are interested in this offer, please contact the us at the Period House Store and we will make the reservation for you. 

Visit the Hack & Spade @ www.hackandspade.com

The Butler Room

The Butler Room @ the Hack & Spade, Whaston

The Daykn Room