The Regency Cast Iron Radiator Collection

Friday, 9 June 2017  |  Admin

Just about two weeks ago, we launched our very own-brand cast iron radiators range called the Regency Collection which is a selection of Victorian style cast iron radiators in various heights, sizes, colours and finishes. This is our very first Period House Store own-brand collection and we are extremely proud to reveal this extensive collection of Period House products.

These radiators are made from genuine European castings, assembled by hand by specialists, tested to meet any heat regulations and finished in our UK factory to ensure the highest possible quality available to every customer.

If you are not quite sure on whether you would like to purchase a full radiator, sample sections are available for purchase to give you a feel of your desired radiator. If you have decided to purchase a full Regency cast iron radiator, then a standard radiator will be between four and twenty sections depending if you are using the radiator for heating purposes or decorative purposes. Various heights are also available for different situations such as a smaller radiator for a small bathroom or a large one for a master bedroom.

Us here at Period House Store have borrowed some beautiful colours from the colour experts known as Farrow & Ball. We have picked several aesthetic colours which go great with our Regency cast iron radiator collection. If you are not feeling any of the suggested colours then the bespoke option is also available to suit your cast iron radiator to your taste. The Period House Store Special Finishes are also available for each radiator which add an aged, vintage look which is sure give any room in your house an antique décor. Primer is also still available if you are looking a simple look with no exaggeration. Have a look at our cast iron radiator finishes here

Considering Period House Store has been around over 15 years, we thought it was best to finally delve in to a cast iron radiator collection of our own to really show off our extensive knowledge of these products and pride ourselves in something that we are extremely passionate about.

To view our Regency cast iron radiator collection, simply follow this link here or go to the cast iron radiator section on our website. 

For any queries, call our sales office on 01748 821500.