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Cardea Dark Bronze

This Earthy almost black finish, when handled, will over time lighten to reveal a soft coppery lustre typically associated with solid bronze sculptures.

However a gentle rub of Cardea bronze products with a cloth will enhance this finish and provide a unique colour contrast which looks timeless.

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Bronze Thumb Latch

Bronze Thumb Latch£50.00

Traditional Thumb Latches

Traditional Thumb Latches£18.53  -  £63.63

Cardea Bronze T Hinge

Cardea Bronze T Hinge£29.00

Cardea Bronze Ball Knob

Cardea Bronze Ball Knob£79.00

Cardea Bronze Oval Knobs

Cardea Bronze Oval Knobs£64.00

Cardea Bronze Thumbturn

Cardea Bronze Thumbturn£11.00

Cardea Cranked Bolt

Cardea Cranked Bolt£13.00  -  £36.00

Cardea Straight Bolt

Cardea Straight Bolt£14.00  -  £41.00

Cardea Bronze Cupboard Pull

Cardea Bronze Cupboard Pull£9.00  -  £11.00

Cardea Bronze Pull Handle

Cardea Bronze Pull Handle£19.00

Cardea Bronze Cupboard Knob - 3 Sizes

Cardea Bronze Cupboard Knob - 3 Sizes£4.00  -  £14.00

Cardea Bronze Letterbox

Cardea Bronze Letterbox£95.00  -  £115.00

Cardea Bronze Hat & Coat Hook

Cardea Bronze Hat & Coat Hook£11.00

Cardea Bronze Plain Casement Stay

Cardea Bronze Plain Casement Stay£21.00  -  £23.00

Bronze Sash Window Fastner

Bronze Sash Window Fastner£26.00

Cardea Bronze Sash Lift

Cardea Bronze Sash Lift£14.00

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Cast Iron Radiators