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Carron Flue Pipes

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5'' Straight Join

5" Straight Join£33.60  -  £67.20

Standard Pipe No Door 300mm

Standard Pipe No Door 300mm£35.28  -  £80.64

6'' Straight Join

6" Straight Join£40.32  -  £80.64

Standard Pipe No Door 600mm

Standard Pipe No Door 600mm£43.68  -  £104.16

Standard Pipe 300mm (with sweeping access)

Standard Pipe 300mm (with sweeping access)£47.88  -  £92.40

135 Degree Swept Elbow - No Door

135 Degree Swept Elbow - No Door£56.28  -  £100.80

Standard Pipe No Door 900mm

Standard Pipe No Door 900mm£60.48  -  £141.12

Standard Pipe 600mm (with sweeping access)

Standard Pipe 600mm (with sweeping access)£61.32  -  £120.96

90 Deg Without Sweeping Access

90 Deg Without Sweeping Access£68.88  -  £109.20

Standard Pipe 900mm (with sweeping access)

Standard Pipe 900mm (with sweeping access)£76.44  -  £157.92

Standard Pipe 1200mm (with sweeping access)

Standard Pipe 1200mm (with sweeping access)£77.28  -  £164.64

Standard Pipe No Door 1200mm

Standard Pipe No Door 1200mm£77.28  -  £164.64

Standard Tee With Branch Spigot

Standard Tee With Branch Spigot£31.08  -  £136.08

90 Deg With Sweeping Access

90 Deg With Sweeping Access£85.68  -  £126.00

Standard Pipe No Door 1000mm

Standard Pipe No Door 1000mm£117.60  -  £126.00

Standard Pipe 1000mm (with sweeping access)

Standard Pipe 1000mm (with sweeping access)£134.40  -  £142.80

Page 1 of 1:    16 Items
Cast Iron Radiators