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Cast Iron Radiator

Cast Iron Radiator - The Stylishly Elegant Choice

A cast iron radiator is a sound investment if you have a period property you are renovating, or are considering a period interior design. These antique style floor standing cast radiators can be integrated into modern hot water central heating systems and add a touch of antique style and elegance to Victorian themed rooms. In a Victorian property, cast iron radiators can add as much of a vintage feel as adding other Victorian features such as open fire places, picture rails and ornate coving. They are as much a part of the vintage feel as period door and window furniture.

Cast Iron Radiators - Are They Effective?

One of the first questions people ask is “Is a cast iron radiator as good as our normal pressed steel radiators?” The short answer is “yes”, in fact they can be more efficient, but they behave differently to pressed steel or aluminium radiators. Traditional cast iron radiators heat up more slowly than steel radiators, so when your boiler starts it takes longer to output heat from the iron radiator. Conversely, after your boiler has turned off, cast radiators continue giving out heat for longer. The total energy output from cast iron and steel radiators is the same overall, but cast iron tends to output heat more slowly and steadily than other types. This makes iron radiators particularly suitable for period properties, particularly stone properties, where slow and steady heat output is required over longer time periods. In these days of concern about global warming and carbon dioxide levels, people often also ask “Will these vintage radiators work with green heating systems such as ground or air heat pumps?” Once again the answer is “yes”, in fact they can make a green heating system more effective. If you don't want to redesign your heating system, moving pipework or changing radiators, cast iron radiator covers can make a real statement and evoke that Victorian period feel. They are the perfect accessory for hiding modern pressed steel or aluminium radiators and for safety the best quality covers have marble tops that don't heat up, making them safe surfaces to place decorative items onto.

Arroll Cast Iron Radiators - Made To Last

Arroll are manufacturers who retain the ethos of master craftsmen who passed their expertise and knowledge down the generations. They make elegant and functional antique style cast iron furniture built to last. Arroll cast iron radiators UK are no exception to this. Their choice of elegant designs includes both clean and classic lines and the very ornate. Their cast radiators are available in a range of heights and finishes from black through burnished finishes, to a choice of heritage antique colours such as “old penny”, “French grey” or “vellum”. They are also available primed so you can apply your choice of finish. This makes them fit easily into a wide range of decorative schemes. Arroll's cast radiators demonstrate the characteristic robust qualities that you would expect from one of the UK's most respected iron radiator manufacturers. When considering purchasing a traditional radiator, you should also consider the valves and accessories that you will fit to it. The look of a beautiful antique radiator might be spoiled by fitting modern-looking radiator valves. To complement their range of cast radiators, Arroll produce traditional radiator vales and accessories such as wall stays. Their valves are available both as traditional valves and thermostatic radiator valves. Not to be outdone, Carron are another British company producing high quality radiators in cast iron. Carron cast iron radiators are available in a wide choice of styles, heights, colours and finishes. The Period House Store is the place to go to select from the extensive reasonably priced choice from both manufacturers.

Buy Your Ideal Cast Iron Radiator At The Period House Store

The Period House Store is the place to go to select the ideal cast iron radiator to fit into your period design scheme. You can select high quality cast iron radiators in a choice of heights and finishes, and not forgetting accessories, from both the Carron and Arroll ranges. We also have the expertise to build radiators column by column to give you the required length or the btu output you need. Discuss your needs with us by phoning 01748 821 500 or email us at View our keenly priced ranges online at or visit us at our showroom.