Cast Iron Victorian Radiators

Cast Iron Victorian Radiators – Are They Efficient?

Cast iron Victorian radiators can add elegance to your period style home, but are they as efficient as their modern counterparts? Your concerns over the need for more environmentally friendly heating solutions that will also save you money on energy bills may cause you to think twice about opting for the Victorian versions.

It’s said that traditional cast iron radiators can take as much as 90 minutes to get a room warm. Does this make them a less effective addition than the updated flat panel radiator, then? Well, there’s no reason why they should be. Importantly, a cast iron radiator usually has a bigger volume internally and so, once heated, will take longer to cool down than its modern counterpart, therefore emitting heat for a longer time. There are also steps you can take to contribute to their efficiency. For example, the addition of thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) to all units in your home allows you to vary the temperature in each room depending on whether it is a larger or smaller space; and whether there is another heat source, such as a gas fire. The valve or TRV, balances the output of the radiator with the ambient temperature of the room and provides a pre-set temperature. As the room cools, it kick-starts the cast iron radiator’s heat output and reduces it when necessary. The added bonus is that cast iron radiators UK designed will look great in a space where you have already added period features and want your heating to be both practical and in keeping with the rest of the room.

Cast iron Victorian radiators are just the practical heating option you have been looking for. At The Period House Store, we specialise in the best original looking features for your period property. Visit our showrooms in Richmond, Yorkshire or check out our online catalogue at Our dedicated team is on hand to talk to you today. Give us a call on 01748 821 500.