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Cast Radiators UK - Why Cast Iron Is The Best Material For A Period Feature

Cast radiators UK designed come in all shapes, sizes and materials. However, not all materials are equal to the task when it comes to creating a period look to your room, or designing a heating system that is in keeping with a period property. Read on to find out more.

Cast iron radiators are often seen as the most desirable kind of radiator on the market, at the moment. Whilst aluminium is lightweight and easy to install, and steel radiators can be bent into more contemporary shapes and styles, you need to bear in mind that you will have this style long-term and what is fashionable today is not tomorrow. However, more importantly, while both of these are suitable for modern styled rooms, they tend to look very out of place in a period home. Radiators made from cast iron tend to be the radiator of choice when creating a period centric theme. If you are looking for this type of radiator, then you can either go for an original Victorian piece or reproduction cast iron radiators. If you buy a reclaimed radiator, it will need to be restored by a professional, this can be costly and it can be hard to determine their heat output. However, modern cast iron radiators UK reproductions, from a reputable company will be safer, and more likely to provide consistent heat when in use. A cast iron radiator will take around 90 minutes to warm up the room it is in as they take longer to warm up. However, they take a similar amount of time to cool when switched off.

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