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Crucial Trading Seagrass

Seagrass is a survivor. Itís been discovered in fossils dating back over 100 million years. And when youíre grazed and trampled on not by sheep or cows but by the occasional 12-tonne triceratops, you really do need to have something about you. The variety we weave grows on some of the poorest soils the world has to offer Ė with copious amounts of ocean salt thrown in for good measure, where a sprinkle would probably make most of its rivals wither in capitulation. If the raging coastal typhoons donít see it off (and they generally donít) itíll bake under the searing, Far Eastern sun for months before reaching maturity. Not just surviving. But thriving. Especially under the careful management of the Vietnamese and Chinese plantations from which we source, to spare the natural coastal ecosystems of those countries.

Little wonder then that Crucial Trading's seagrass floorcoverings are as tough as any pair of old boots that might walk on them.

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Seagrass Original Natural Carpet

Seagrass Original Natural Carpet£23.00

Fine Seagrass Original Natural Carpet

Fine Seagrass Original Natural Carpet£25.00

Fine Seagrass Basketweave Natural Carpet

Fine Seagrass Basketweave Natural Carpet£27.00

Fine Seagrass Herringbone Natural Carpet

Fine Seagrass Herringbone Natural Carpet£27.00

Seagrass Herringbone Natural Carpet

Seagrass Herringbone Natural Carpet£30.00

Seagrass Basketweave Natural Carpet

Seagrass Basketweave Natural Carpet£37.00

Seagrass Sabai Tigers Eye Natural Carpet

Seagrass Sabai Tigers Eye Natural Carpet£37.00

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Page 1 of 1:    8 Items
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