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Decorative Tiles & Mosaic

The decorative art of mosaic is inextricably associated with ancient Rome and, even now, the very best mosaics are from traditional Italian towns such as Treviso, Venice, Ravenna and Vicenza.

Now, Period House Store brings you Moderno Mosaics - authentic Italian patterns of the very highest quality: designed for 21st century style, manufactured for modern life, and respectful of an ancient craft.

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Avebury Gloss Brick Tiles

Avebury Gloss Brick Tiles£0.90  -  £10.80

Kennet Gloss Brick Tiles

Kennet Gloss Brick Tiles£2.30  -  £27.60

Rococo Mirror Decorative Tile

Rococo Mirror Decorative Tile£7.50  -  £90.00

Shard Mosaic Decorative Tiles

Shard Mosaic Decorative Tiles£15.50

Moroccan Impressions Carthusian Floor Tiles

Moroccan Impressions Carthusian Floor Tiles£3.00  -  £48.00

Moroccan Impressions Ducados Floor Tiles

Moroccan Impressions Ducados Floor Tiles£3.00  -  £48.00

Moroccan Impressions Monastery Floor Tiles

Moroccan Impressions Monastery Floor Tiles£3.00  -  £48.00

Moroccan Impressions Retro Floor Tiles

Moroccan Impressions Retro Floor Tiles£3.00  -  £48.00

Moroccan Impressions Vintage Square Floor Tiles

Moroccan Impressions Vintage Square Floor Tiles£3.00  -  £48.00

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Emerald

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Emerald£10.80

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Grey

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Grey£10.80

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Ultramarine

Atlantis Scallop Porcelain Ultramarine£10.80

Brooklyn Embossed Ceramic Painted

Brooklyn Embossed Ceramic Painted£58.80

Brooklyn Embossed Ceramic Pewter

Brooklyn Embossed Ceramic Pewter£58.80

Lily Pad Porcelain Admiral

Lily Pad Porcelain Admiral£2.30

Lily Pad Porcelain Cloud

Lily Pad Porcelain Cloud£2.30

Lily Pad Porcelain Eucalyptus

Lily Pad Porcelain Eucalyptus£2.30

Lily Pad Porcelain Off Black

Lily Pad Porcelain Off Black£2.30

Lily Pad Porcelain Peacock

Lily Pad Porcelain Peacock£2.30

Lily Pad Porcelain Pistachio

Lily Pad Porcelain Pistachio£2.30

Moroccan Impressions Arte Porcelain

Moroccan Impressions Arte Porcelain£3.00

Parisian Cafe Angelina Porcelain

Parisian Cafe Angelina Porcelain£2.99

Parisian Cafe Flore Porcelain

Parisian Cafe Flore Porcelain£2.99

Parisian Cafe Lilas Porcelain

Parisian Cafe Lilas Porcelain£2.99

Parisian Cafe Paix Porcelain

Parisian Cafe Paix Porcelain£2.99

Parisian Cafe Tri Porcelain

Parisian Cafe Tri Porcelain£2.99

Seaton Ceramic

Seaton Ceramic£0.90

Spitalfields Chester Ceramic

Spitalfields Chester Ceramic£48.00

Spitalfields Nijar Ceramic

Spitalfields Nijar Ceramic£48.00

Spitalfields Rabat Blue Ceramic

Spitalfields Rabat Blue Ceramic£48.00

Spitalfields Retro Star Blue Ceramic

Spitalfields Retro Star Blue Ceramic£48.00

Spitalfields Retro Star Ceramic

Spitalfields Retro Star Ceramic£48.00

Spitalfields Retro Star Oxide Ceramic

Spitalfields Retro Star Oxide Ceramic£48.00

Spitalfields Retro Star Sage Ceramic

Spitalfields Retro Star Sage Ceramic£48.00

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Blush

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Blush£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Deep Blue

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Deep Blue£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Grey Blue

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Grey Blue£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Mint Green

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Mint Green£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Teal Blue

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Teal Blue£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Tempest

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Tempest£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Verdigris

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Verdigris£13.20

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic White

Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic White£13.20

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Page 1 of 1:    42 Items