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Door & Window Furniture - Best Sellers

We supply a wide range of Door & Window Furniture, so to make things easier for you, we've created this section which will always show our most popular Door & Window Furniture for sale.

If you need any help or advice on any of the products listed, please call us on 01748 821500 and we'd be happy to help!

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Beehive Door Knobs - Brass

Beehive Door Knobs - Brass£34.00

Bloxwich Door Knobs - Brass

Bloxwich Door Knobs - Brass£34.00

Nickel Beehive Door Knobs

Nickel Beehive Door Knobs£48.00

Nickel Bloxwich Door Knobs

Nickel Bloxwich Door Knobs£48.00

Avon Lever Lock Set

Avon Lever Lock Set£57.57  -  £75.76

Avon Pewter Lever Lock Set

Avon Pewter Lever Lock Set£74.78

Avon Lever Latch Set

Avon Lever Latch Set£57.57  -  £75.76

Regency Lever Handle - Nickel

Regency Lever Handle - Nickel£48.00

Regency Lever Handles - Brass

Regency Lever Handles - Brass£37.00

Davenport  Rim Lock

Davenport Rim Lock£74.00  -  £110.00

Regency, Dual Handed, Thumb Nail Rim Latch

Regency, Dual Handed, Thumb Nail Rim Latch£55.00  -  £85.00

Beehive Escutcheon Brass

Beehive Escutcheon Brass£6.50

Beehive Escutcheon Nickel

Beehive Escutcheon Nickel£11.00

Doctors Knockers - Various Finishes

Doctors Knockers - Various Finishes£30.00  -  £44.00

Foley Bell Press - Brass

Foley Bell Press - Brass£60.00

Arrowhead Hinge Pewter Patina

Arrowhead Hinge Pewter Patina£17.55  -  £53.58

Penny Round T-Hinge - Beeswax

Penny Round T-Hinge - Beeswax£16.50  -  £51.05

Gothic Thumblatches

Gothic Thumblatches£34.50  -  £47.36

Medium Bean Thumblatches

Medium Bean Thumblatches£34.50  -  £47.33

Large Cottage Door Knobs - Brass

Large Cottage Door Knobs - Brass£25.00

Small Cottage Door Knobs - Brass

Small Cottage Door Knobs - Brass£17.00

Solid Ebonised Round Beehive Door Knobs

Solid Ebonised Round Beehive Door Knobs£37.00

Solid Ebonised Oval Beehive Door Knobs

Solid Ebonised Oval Beehive Door Knobs£37.00


Page 1 of 1:    29 Items
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