Freestanding Copper Baths Collection

Our range of copper baths are a very popular choice to give a period bathroom a classical look. The graceful shape's are skilfully hand beaten from the highest quality high gauge solid copper, giving it that extra feel of class and sophistication. Our freestanding copper bathtubs are available in a range of sizes and either all copper or copper and nickel interiors. Our new finish is an antique copper which gives a stunning rustic look.

We offer free nationwide delivery on our copper and nickel baths.

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Alverton Copper Bath
£3,995.00  (1)
Godolphin Copper Bath
Bodenham Copper Bath
Allingham Nickel Bath
BC Designs 1700 Nickel Boat Bath
BC Designs Antique Copper Boat Bath
£4,745.66  -  £5,338.87
BC Designs Brass Boat Bath
£4,449.06  -  £5,338.87
BC Designs Copper Boat Bath with Enamel Interior
£5,239.36  -  £6,055.02
BC Designs Copper/Nickel Boat Bath
£4,597.36  -  £5,413.02
BC Designs Nickel Boat Bath
£4,597.36  -  £5,709.63
BC Designs Tin Boat Bath
£4,745.66  -  £5,338.87
Copper Bateau 1500mm Bath
Copper Bateau Bath
Copper Bulle Bath
£4,104.17  -  £4,283.33
Copper Bulle Reserve Bath
Zille Nickel Bath

Page 1 of 1:    17 Items

Our Beautiful copper baths are handmade using traditional methods meaning every bath is a unique piece with slight variations and undulations, they are made from high gauge copper.

Why Choose Copper

Copper bathtubs retain heat for longer than acrylic versions which means you can enjoy a longer soak. Copper is a super metal and excellent in terms of hygiene while most viruses can last for days on steel and glass they are killed within hours or minutes on copper or brass. You will also gain a stunning look and bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Copper Baths - Care Instructions

Clean your  freestanding copper bath with warm soapy water and a nonabrasive cloth and dry after use. Avoid dripping taps, and the use of abrasive and harsh chemicals and do not allow hand soaps to remain in contact with the surface.

To keep your bath tarnish free re-apply a suitable wax seal regularly every 4-6 weeks depending on use. If the wax has worn off and tarnish presents itself on copper, clean the item with Autosol metal cleaner according to the manufacturer’s instructions and then re-apply the wax. Do not use Autosol metal cleaner on nickel plated items and do not allow wet cloths to remain in contact with the surface. To keep nickel tarnish free the wax seal should be maintained by regular reapplication. 

If you need any further advice on the care and maintenance of your copper bath feel free to contact Period House Store for further information.