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From The Anvil Letterplates


From The Anvil Ironmongery offers a choice of letter plates manufactured from steel to give quality and strength along with the solid brass versions incorporating traditional external door knockers. Our Letter Plates and Covers are available in a number of different sizes and finishes.

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Aged Brass Large Letter Plate

Aged Brass Large Letter Plate£85.13   £68.10

Aged Brass Small Letter Plate

Aged Brass Small Letter Plate£73.05   £58.44

Aged Bronze Letterplate - Large

Aged Bronze Letterplate - Large£88.07   £70.46

Aged Bronze Small Letterplate

Aged Bronze Small Letterplate£73.91   £59.13

Black Letter Plate

Black Letter Plate£47.80   £38.24

Black Small Letterplate

Black Small Letterplate£44.04   £35.23

Bronze Letter Plate

Bronze Letter Plate£100.60   £80.48

External Beeswax Large Letter Plate

External Beeswax Large Letter Plate£100.57   £80.46

External Beeswax Small Letter Plate

External Beeswax Small Letter Plate£91.29   £73.03

Pewter Letter Plate

Pewter Letter Plate£100.57   £80.46

Pewter Small Letterplate

Pewter Small Letterplate£91.29   £73.03

Polished Brass Art Deco Letter Plate

Polished Brass Art Deco Letter Plate£68.04   £54.43

Polished Brass Letterplate - Large

Polished Brass Letterplate - Large£59.19   £47.35

Polished Brass Letterplate - Small

Polished Brass Letterplate - Small£50.95   £40.76

Polished Brass Postal Letter Plate

Polished Brass Postal Letter Plate£65.08   £52.06

Polished Bronze Letterplate - Large

Polished Bronze Letterplate - Large£88.07   £70.46

Polished Bronze Small Letterplate

Polished Bronze Small Letterplate£73.91   £59.13

Polished Chrome Letterplate - Large

Polished Chrome Letterplate - Large£73.92   £59.14

Polished Chrome Letterplate - Small

Polished Chrome Letterplate - Small£65.08   £52.06

Polished Nickel Letterplate - Large

Polished Nickel Letterplate - Large£85.13   £68.10

Polished Nickel Letterplate - Small

Polished Nickel Letterplate - Small£73.05   £58.44

Satin Chrome Large Letter Plate

Satin Chrome Large Letter Plate£85.14   £68.11

Satin Chrome Small Letter Plate

Satin Chrome Small Letter Plate£73.07   £58.46


Page 1 of 1:    23 Items