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From The Anvil Thumb Latches


From The Anvil Thumb Latches are perfect for oak ledge and braced doors and are available in several finishes, including beeswax and pewter.

All our From The Anvil Door Furniture is dispatched on next day couriers.

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Beeswax Gothic Thumblatch

Beeswax Gothic Thumblatch£46.09   £36.87

Beeswax Medium Bean Thumblatch

Beeswax Medium Bean Thumblatch£46.09   £36.87

Beeswax Slim Thumblatch

Beeswax Slim Thumblatch£46.09   £36.87

Black Gothic Thumblatch

Black Gothic Thumblatch£46.09   £36.87

Black Medium Bean Thumblatch

Black Medium Bean Thumblatch£46.09   £36.87

Black Thumblatch Set With Chain

Black Thumblatch Set With Chain£18.93   £15.14

Black Tuscan Thumblatch

Black Tuscan Thumblatch£64.39   £51.51

External Beeswax Gothic Thumblatch

External Beeswax Gothic Thumblatch£59.67   £47.74

External Beeswax Medium Bean Thumblatch

External Beeswax Medium Bean Thumblatch£59.64   £47.71

External Beeswax Tuscan Thumblatch

External Beeswax Tuscan Thumblatch£71.54   £57.23

Pewter Gothic Thumblatch

Pewter Gothic Thumblatch£59.67   £47.74

Pewter Medium Bean Thumblatch

Pewter Medium Bean Thumblatch£59.64   £47.71

Pewter Patina Handmade Tuscan Thumblatch

Pewter Patina Handmade Tuscan Thumblatch£71.53   £57.22

Polished Brass Sufolk Latch Set

Polished Brass Sufolk Latch Set£36.83   £29.46

Black Locking Staple Pin

Black Locking Staple Pin£9.77   £7.82

Beeswax Locking Staple Pin

Beeswax Locking Staple Pin£10.24   £8.19

Pewter Locking Staple Pin

Pewter Locking Staple Pin£11.87   £9.50

External Beeswax Screw on Staple Gothic End

External Beeswax Screw on Staple Gothic End£11.08   £8.86

External Beeswax Screw on Staple Penny End

External Beeswax Screw on Staple Penny End£11.08   £8.86


Page 1 of 1:    19 Items