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Gate & Pillar Lanterns

If you have a grand entrance our gate and pillar lanterns will create an impresive entrance. Part of our period and antique lighting collection they are available in a range of finishes.

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Strathmore Gate Lantern

Strathmore Gate Lantern£492.86

Chateau Gate Lamp

Chateau Gate Lamp£610.58

Chelsea Short Pillar Lamp

Chelsea Short Pillar Lamp£621.00

Wentworth Short Pillar Lamp

Wentworth Short Pillar Lamp£646.36

Chelsea Pillar Lamp

Chelsea Pillar Lamp£655.80

Short Kensington Pillar Lamp

Short Kensington Pillar Lamp£661.92

Pagoda Short Pillar Lamp

Pagoda Short Pillar Lamp£670.60

Wentworth Pillar Lamp

Wentworth Pillar Lamp£681.10

Kensington Pillar Lamp

Kensington Pillar Lamp£696.69

Balmoral Short Pillar Lamp

Balmoral Short Pillar Lamp£699.00

Pagoda Pillar Lamp

Pagoda Pillar Lamp£705.36

Balmoral Pillar Lamp

Balmoral Pillar Lamp£736.24

Strathmore Medium Gate Lantern

Strathmore Medium Gate Lantern£797.67

Nickel Chelsea Pillar Lamp

Nickel Chelsea Pillar Lamp£847.84

Small Lampost

Small Lampost£848.78

Medium Chateau Gate Lamp

Medium Chateau Gate Lamp£850.53

Medium Lampost

Medium Lampost£1,070.20

Large Lampost

Large Lampost£1,199.66

Large Strathmore Gate Lantern

Large Strathmore Gate Lantern£1,231.00

Large Chateau Gate Lamp

Large Chateau Gate Lamp£1,285.56


Page 1 of 1:    21 Items
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