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Iron Cast Radiators UK - How To Use A BTU Calculator

Iron Cast radiators UK designed power outputs are calculated in something called a British Thermal Unit or BTU. Before purchasing a radiator or radiators for your home, it is a good idea to use a BTU or Heat Output calculator to determine how much heat output you need from your radiator to sufficiently heat a room.

A BTU calculator helps calculate how much energy output is needed to heat a given space, determining the radiator size necessary. What are the variables when using a BTU or heat output calculator? The BTU variables include, the number of external walls in the room, the type of flooring used, the presence of wall or floor insulation and the size, location and glazing type of windows. You also need to consider whether there is anything above the room and the ceiling height. These help to determine whether or not you will be losing heat through the walls, ceiling and flooring. You also need to account for the size of the room, the larger it is the more cast iron radiators you may need. When using a BTU calculator, just pop your answers into the calculator to find out how many BTU’s of energy output you need. This will very likely vary from rooms to room, and home to home so it is well worth doing. A large lounge or master bedroom with two external walls with have very different heating requirements to a small cloakroom with no external walls.

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