Little Greene London Wallpapers III

The London Wallpapers collection has been inspired by eight historic wallpapers from the English Heritage archive.

Dating from 1760 to 1890, these traditional wallpapers were originally manufactured in London to decorate smart city and country homes and each design has a provenance tracing it back to the original house in which it was discovered. Stunning flocks, sophisticated prints and use of vivid colours and metallic finishes bring the archive to life for the 21st Century.

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Crooms Hill - Breccia

Crooms Hill - Breccia£73.00

Crooms Hill - Fresco

Crooms Hill - Fresco£73.00

High Street - Chalice

High Street - Chalice£73.00

High Street - Eden

High Street - Eden£73.00

High Street - Lapis

High Street - Lapis£73.00

High Street - Lavender

High Street - Lavender£73.00

High Street - Rouge

High Street - Rouge£73.00

High Street - Wisp

High Street - Wisp£73.00

Grosvenor Street - Alchemy

Grosvenor Street - Alchemy£84.00

Grosvenor Street - Begonia

Grosvenor Street - Begonia£84.00

Grosvenor Street - Cornflower

Grosvenor Street - Cornflower£84.00

Grosvenor Street - Parlour

Grosvenor Street - Parlour£84.00

Grosvenor Street - Primrose

Grosvenor Street - Primrose£84.00

North End Road - Cartouche

North End Road - Cartouche£84.00

North End Road - Mischief

North End Road - Mischief£84.00

North End Road - Oxford

North End Road - Oxford£84.00

North End Road - Warm Silver

North End Road - Warm Silver£84.00

Wilton - Amethyst

Wilton - Amethyst£84.00

Wilton - Cravat

Wilton - Cravat£84.00

Wilton - Halo

Wilton - Halo£84.00

Wilton - Kelp

Wilton - Kelp£84.00

Wilton - Library Red

Wilton - Library Red£84.00


Page 1 of 1:    22 Items