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The Newbury lever handles are forged from solid brass bronze. The weight of the newbury handle range emphasises the high quality. The simple and slender design works well with many different property types.

There any several backplate options and a matching range of window furniture is also available.


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Pewter Patina Twist Knob

Pewter Patina Twist Knob£4.15

Beeswax Coat Hook

Beeswax Coat Hook£4.59

Black Coat Hook

Black Coat Hook£4.59

Natural Smooth Coat Hook

Natural Smooth Coat Hook£4.91

Black 2'' Handrail Bracket

Black 2" Handrail Bracket£5.03

Cabinet Handle - Beeswax

Cabinet Handle - Beeswax£6.20

Cabinet Handle - Black

Cabinet Handle - Black£6.20

Beeswax Twist Knob

Beeswax Twist Knob£6.38

Black Twist Knob

Black Twist Knob£6.38

Black Ribbed Cabinet Knob

Black Ribbed Cabinet Knob£6.94

Natural Smooth Drop Handle

Natural Smooth Drop Handle£7.07

Drop Handle - Beeswax

Drop Handle - Beeswax£7.66

Drop Handle - Black

Drop Handle - Black£7.66

Oval Cabinet Knob - Beeswax

Oval Cabinet Knob - Beeswax£8.64

Oval Cabinet Knob - Black

Oval Cabinet Knob - Black£8.64

Beeswax Cabinet Knob - Small

Beeswax Cabinet Knob - Small£9.65

Beeswax Fleur-de-lys Hook

Beeswax Fleur-de-lys Hook£9.71

Polished Nickel Coat Hook

Polished Nickel Coat Hook£9.92

Polished Chrome Coat Hook

Polished Chrome Coat Hook£10.46

Beeswax Cabinet Knob - Large

Beeswax Cabinet Knob - Large£10.58

Drawer Pull - Beeswax

Drawer Pull - Beeswax£10.61

Drawer Pull - Beeswax

Drawer Pull - Beeswax£10.61

Drawer Pull - Black

Drawer Pull - Black£10.61

Drawer Pull - Black

Drawer Pull - Black£10.61

Aged Bronze Coat Hook

Aged Bronze Coat Hook£12.39

Polished Bronze Coat Hook

Polished Bronze Coat Hook£12.39

Pewter Shropshire Coat Hook

Pewter Shropshire Coat Hook£13.83

Beeswax Ornate Hinge (Pair)

Beeswax Ornate Hinge (Pair)£14.97

Natural Smooth 3'' Drawer Pull

Natural Smooth 3'' Drawer Pull£19.32

Natural Smooth 4'' Drawer Pull

Natural Smooth 4'' Drawer Pull£19.32

Natural Smooth Cabinet Latch

Natural Smooth Cabinet Latch£23.15

Beeswax 8'' Avon Stay

Beeswax 8" Avon Stay£23.18

Beeswax Cupboard Turn

Beeswax Cupboard Turn£24.29

Black Cupboard Turn

Black Cupboard Turn£25.29

Pewter Cupboard Turn

Pewter Cupboard Turn£34.51

Beeswax Small Pull Handle

Beeswax Small Pull Handle£35.39

Black Small Pull Handle

Black Small Pull Handle£35.39

Pewter Small Pull Handle

Pewter Small Pull Handle£35.39

Petit Paris Pendant Light

Petit Paris Pendant Light£50.00

Millbank Pendant Light

Millbank Pendant Light£57.00

Paris Pendant Light

Paris Pendant Light£70.00

St Ives Mast Path Light

St Ives Mast Path Light£75.00

Grand Paris Pendant Light

Grand Paris Pendant Light£85.00

Soho 3 Pendant Light

Soho 3 Pendant Light£85.00

Millbank Pendant Light, Large

Millbank Pendant Light, Large£90.00

Fitzroy 560mm Basin

Fitzroy 560mm Basin£105.00

Cadogan Pendant Light

Cadogan Pendant Light£120.00

Soho 5 Pendant Light

Soho 5 Pendant Light£135.00

Double Paris Pendant Light

Double Paris Pendant Light£185.00

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