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Period Wall Lights

Hand Finished Period Wall Lights

The Period House Store are proud to introduce you to our range of period wall lights part of our period lighting collection. They are hand finished in a range of finishes including our popular light antique which makes the lights look like original antique lighting.

Traditional antique lighting is hard to find and we are confident in our range you will find something in our period lighting range that will grace your home. 

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Belgravia Wall Lantern - Large

Belgravia Wall Lantern - Large£560.40

Belgravia Wall Lantern - Medium

Belgravia Wall Lantern - Medium£449.90

Belgravia Wall Lantern - Small

Belgravia Wall Lantern - Small£326.37

Knightsbridge Wall Lantern

Knightsbridge Wall Lantern£525.43

Strathmore Wall Lantern

Strathmore Wall Lantern£259.30

Large Strathmore Wall Lantern

Large Strathmore Wall Lantern£694.10

Greenwich Wall lantern

Greenwich Wall lantern£333.36

Large Greenwich Wall Lantern

Large Greenwich Wall Lantern£587.42

Wheelhouse Wall Lamp

Wheelhouse Wall Lamp£236.40

Oxbridge Box Lantern

Oxbridge Box Lantern£247.23

Large Oxbridge Box Lantern

Large Oxbridge Box Lantern£697.54

Gothic Wall Lantern

Gothic Wall Lantern£305.13

Large Gothic Wall Lantern

Large Gothic Wall Lantern£493.12

Vestry Lamp

Vestry Lamp£146.23

Windsor Passage Lamp

Windsor Passage Lamp£258.52

Chelsea Wall Lantern

Chelsea Wall Lantern£468.80

Chelsea Overhead Arm Lantern

Chelsea Overhead Arm Lantern£468.80

Chelsea Passage Lamp

Chelsea Passage Lamp£352.00

Windsor Wall Lamp

Windsor Wall Lamp£369.87

Wentworth Passage Lamp

Wentworth Passage Lamp£376.89

Kensington Passage Lamp

Kensington Passage Lamp£336.76

Kensington Wall Lamp

Kensington Wall Lamp£510.67

Kensington Top Mount Lantern

Kensington Top Mount Lantern£510.67

Pagoda Wall Lantern

Pagoda Wall Lantern£339.43

Pagoda Wall Lamp

Pagoda Wall Lamp£525.43

Large Pagoda Wall Lantern

Large Pagoda Wall Lantern£582.84

Cottage Wall Light

Cottage Wall Light£121.00

Grosvenor Wall Light

Grosvenor Wall Light£136.00  -  £175.63

Twin Grosvenor Wall Light

Twin Grosvenor Wall Light£235.00  -  £312.45

Opera Single Wall Sconce

Opera Single Wall Sconce£237.57

Opera Twin Wall Sconce

Opera Twin Wall Sconce£299.47

Single Hampton Wall Light

Single Hampton Wall Light£296.52

Twin Hampton Wall Light

Twin Hampton Wall Light£357.69

Eton Wall Light

Eton Wall Light£175.00  -  £218.92

Aldwich Bracket

Aldwich Bracket£165.00  -  £280.70

Empire Wall Light

Empire Wall Light£316.82

Aldwich Bracket Pool Lamp 3 Light

Aldwich Bracket Pool Lamp 3 Light£514.00  -  £822.84

Balmoral Passage Lantern

Balmoral Passage Lantern£369.00

Balmoral Top Mount

Balmoral Top Mount£552.80

Balmoral Wall Lamp

Balmoral Wall Lamp£552.80

Barnsbury Lamp

Barnsbury Lamp£226.98

Bevelled Glass Wall Lantern

Bevelled Glass Wall Lantern£565.30

Boilerhouse Lamp

Boilerhouse Lamp£148.00

Buckingham Lamp

Buckingham Lamp£318.74

Bulkhead Lamp

Bulkhead Lamp£257.90

Cabin Lamp

Cabin Lamp£136.00

Captains Wall Lamp

Captains Wall Lamp£299.19

Carlton Wall Light

Carlton Wall Light£144.00  -  £182.95

Chateau Passage Lamp

Chateau Passage Lamp£403.32

5 Arm Aldwich Pendant

5 Arm Aldwich Pendant£908.00  -  £1,379.25

Chateau Wall Lantern

Chateau Wall Lantern£586.22

Cottage Pendant 3 Arm

Cottage Pendant 3 Arm£369.48  -  £376.48

Diane Twin Wall Sconce

Diane Twin Wall Sconce£294.04

Diane Wall Sconce

Diane Wall Sconce£237.57

Freighter Wall Light

Freighter Wall Light£280.80

Freighters Bulkhead

Freighters Bulkhead£241.80

Galley Lamp

Galley Lamp£174.86

Georgian Twin Wall Sconce

Georgian Twin Wall Sconce£342.76

Georgian Wall Sconce

Georgian Wall Sconce£311.85

Gothic Storm Wall Light

Gothic Storm Wall Light£281.23

Highlander Single Wall Light

Highlander Single Wall Light£379.94

Highlander Twin Wall Light

Highlander Twin Wall Light£608.95

Industrial Spot Lamp

Industrial Spot Lamp£80.37

Large Balmoral Passage Lantern

Large Balmoral Passage Lantern£493.40

Large Balmoral Top Mount

Large Balmoral Top Mount£755.70

Large Balmoral Wall Lamp

Large Balmoral Wall Lamp£761.10

Large Chateau Wall Lamp

Large Chateau Wall Lamp£984.40

Large Chelsea Passage Lamp

Large Chelsea Passage Lamp£568.89

Large Deco Wall Lamp

Large Deco Wall Lamp£309.80

Large Oval Ships Bulkhead

Large Oval Ships Bulkhead£280.70

Large Swan Bracket

Large Swan Bracket£146.11

Liberty Lamp

Liberty Lamp£426.00

Loom Lamp (C003 Glass Included)

Loom Lamp (C003 Glass Included)£127.00

Manhattan Twin Wall Sconce

Manhattan Twin Wall Sconce£404.00

Medieval Torchiere

Medieval Torchiere£194.00

Nickel Chelsea Passage Lamp

Nickel Chelsea Passage Lamp£472.00

Nickel Chelsea Wall Lantern

Nickel Chelsea Wall Lantern£612.84

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Page 1 of 2:    151 Items