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Pine Fireplace Surrounds

We have a wide selection of pine fire surrounds from Carron cast iron fireplaces collection.

They are available unfinished and pre-waxed. You can order on-line or with our sales office on 01748 821500.

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Clive Wooden Fireplace Surround

Clive Wooden Fireplace Surround£460.00  -  £515.00

Milton Wooden Fireplace Surround

Milton Wooden Fireplace Surround£420.00  -  £460.00

Palladio Wooden Fireplace Surround

Palladio Wooden Fireplace Surround£345.00  -  £390.00

The Corbel Fire Surround - Pine

The Corbel Fire Surround - Pine£290.00  -  £315.00

The Derry Fire Surround - Pine

The Derry Fire Surround - Pine£260.00  -  £265.00

The Edinburgh Corbel Fire Surround - pine

The Edinburgh Corbel Fire Surround - pine£290.00  -  £315.00

The Wessex Fire Surround - Pine

The Wessex Fire Surround - Pine£325.00  -  £350.00

The Wexford Fire Surround - Pine

The Wexford Fire Surround - Pine£185.00  -  £215.00

Volute Wooden Fireplace Surround

Volute Wooden Fireplace Surround£460.00  -  £515.00


Page 1 of 1:    9 Items
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