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Stone Laying & Maintenance

We can supply appropriate products for the substrate preparation and installation of our limestone flooring and other tiles in almost any situation. Please do not hesitate to call us for advice on using any of the following products.

*There is a 15% saving off all our Ca'pietra branded stone care range when purchased at the same time as your stone* (Terms and conditions apply)

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CaÍPietra Extreme Clean

CaÍPietra Extreme Clean£14.00

CaÍPietra Multi Clean

CaÍPietra Multi Clean£9.60

CaÍPietra Stain Shield

CaÍPietra Stain Shield£31.00  -  £130.00

CaÍPietra Stain Shield H20

CaÍPietra Stain Shield H20£28.00  -  £125.00

CaÍPietra Stone Coat

CaÍPietra Stone Coat£21.00  -  £95.00

Floor Primer _ Kerrakoll Primer A

Floor Primer _ Kerrakoll Primer A£10.00  -  £42.00

Grout _ Kerakoll Fugabella Flexible

Grout _ Kerakoll Fugabella Flexible£18.00

Kerakoll H40 Eco Marmorex Adhesive

Kerakoll H40 Eco Marmorex Adhesive£42.00

Isomat Movement Matting

Isomat Movement Matting£14.00

Movement Matting _ Decomat Pro Matting

Movement Matting _ Decomat Pro Matting£15.00

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Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
Cast Iron Radiators