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Towel Warmers

Our range of authentic Victorian towel warmers not only are able to heat you bathroom but give a classical look and keep your towels warm. Ours are available with cast iron radiators in the middle and also in a copper finish.

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Broughton Heated Towel Rail Chrome

Broughton Heated Towel Rail Chrome£355.00

Wilsford Heated Towel Rail Copper

Wilsford Heated Towel Rail Copper£355.00

Welbourne  Towel Rail

Welbourne Towel Rail£345.00

Willoughby  Towel Rail

Willoughby Towel Rail£280.00

Large Ermine Towel Warmer Chrome

Large Ermine Towel Warmer Chrome£595.00

Large Ermine Towel Warmer Copper

Large Ermine Towel Warmer Copper£595.00

Beckingham Heated Towel Rail Chrome

Beckingham Heated Towel Rail Chrome£210.00

Bassingham Towel Rail

Bassingham Towel Rail£290.00

Bassingham Towel Rail - Copper

Bassingham Towel Rail - Copper£270.00

Berkeley Radiator

Berkeley Radiator£299.00

Bloomsbury Radiator

Bloomsbury Radiator£399.00

Chaplin Radiator

Chaplin Radiator£499.00

Cleaver Radiator

Cleaver Radiator£299.00

JIG Horse Towel Warmer

JIG Horse Towel Warmer£800.00  -  £820.00

Strand Radiator

Strand Radiator£349.00

Trafalgar Radiator

Trafalgar Radiator£499.00

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Page 1 of 2:    31 Items
Cast Iron Radiators