UK Cast Iron Radiators

UK Cast Iron Radiators – The Benefits Of Using Covers For Them

UK cast iron radiators are great period pieces for your home. They bring aesthetic value and a huge amount of warmth. Some people choose to pair cast iron radiators with radiator covers. There is a wealth of potential benefits from this approach, but are they worth any potential drop in warmth?

There are many reasons why people choose to use radiator covers for their cast iron radiators, regardless of how it might affect a room's warmth. One of the most popular reasons to use a radiator cover is child proofing. Exposed radiators present a burn risk for small children, as cast iron gets much hotter to the touch than modern radiators. The most effective way to child proof them, especially with small children, is to add safety gates and radiator covers. The next most popular reason for purchasing a cover for your cast iron radiators UK manufactured, is for decor and appearance. Whilst they fit in with period properties, some people find them less than aesthetically pleasing. Wooden covers are a quick and reasonably priced way to hide the radiator. Spending a little more on covers can get you a very attractive, decorative piece of furniture. Think about getting marble topped covers to make them a real feature in your room. The third most popular reason for using a radiator cover is to reduce radiator noise. Central heating can sometimes be a little noisy. Adding a radiator cover can reduce the noise that comes out into your room.

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