UK Radiators Cast Iron

UK Radiators Cast Iron – What Valves Should I Use With My Radiators?

UK radiators cast iron, when you purchase yours, you will also need a pair of valves for each radiator. One valve will be for temperature control and the other for a plumber to balance your central heating system. You need to choose between manual and thermostatic valves, but, what is the difference between them?

Whether you use manual or thermostatic radiator valves depends greatly on your central heating set up. Thermostatic valves are generally larger than manual ones and come in a wider range of traditional looking models that are suited to cast iron radiators. Manual valves are generally smaller and more discreet. Thermostatic radiator valves or TRV’s have a built in temperature sensor and as such can keep your room at a constant temperature. TRV’s react to the ambient room temperature. So if it is a hot day, or if your oven is warming up the room, your thermostatic radiator valve will automatically readjust and lower the cast iron radiators UK manufactured, temperature. This makes a TRV much more energy efficient and reduces the energy needed to heat your room and keep it at a constant temperature. They have great energy saving benefits. Manual valves work in the same way as a tap does. You can use them to determine the flow of water through the radiator, affecting how hot the radiator and your room gets. However, you will need to constantly adjust a manual valve, just like a tap. There aren’t any specific settings included so you need to judge how warm you want your room to be.

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