Victorian Cast Iron Radiators UK

Victorian Cast Iron Radiators UK – A Positive Addition To Your Home

Victorian cast iron radiators UK manufactured were first produced back in the late 19th century. Cast iron was chosen for radiators due to its large mass that enabled it to function as the most efficient heat store available at the time. Today, they are still highly efficient and help keep your home warm for longer, even when turned off.

Cast iron radiators come in four sizes with either 2, 4, 6 or 9 columns. They are often a popular choice with engineers and architects due to the iron retaining its heat and counteracting the damp and condensation that can occur in older properties. They might take longer to warm up than their modern counterparts, but they also take a lot longer to cool down as well. The density and mass of iron means that a cast iron radiators UK manufactured, produce a longer lasting and undulating heat rather than the on/off heat from newer designs. Their harder wearing finish is more forgiving of life's little knocks and bumps meaning that though they are more expensive to purchase, they often last much, much longer and are more durable. Great for a family home; although care needs to be taken with young children and pets as they get very hot when in use. Reproduction iron radiators can be built to your own specifications and designs as well as coming ‘off the peg’ from great manufacturers such as Carron and Arroll. As such, you can always find the perfect cast radiator for your period property.

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