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Basket Weave Planter (M)

Basket Weave Planter (M)£100.00  -  £110.00

Bell Jar (L)

Bell Jar (L)£321.30

Cromwell Planter (M)

Cromwell Planter (M)£197.20  -  £243.10

Cromwell Trough (L)

Cromwell Trough (L)£612.00  -  £671.50

Great Lion Water Bowl (XL)

Great Lion Water Bowl (XL)£283.90  -  £413.10

Aldsworth Potting Table

Aldsworth Potting Table£300.00

Barrington Arch Trellis - Raw Metal

Barrington Arch Trellis - Raw Metal£55.00

Barrington Honeysuckle Trellis - Raw Metal

Barrington Honeysuckle Trellis - Raw Metal£55.00

Barrington Rose Arch - Raw Metal

Barrington Rose Arch - Raw Metal£115.00

Extra Large Vence Planter - H52cm

Extra Large Vence Planter - H52cm£80.00

Foscot Fire Pit - Large

Foscot Fire Pit - Large£170.00

Foscot Fire Pit - Medium

Foscot Fire Pit - Medium£100.00

Kadai Garden Grill/Heater

Kadai Garden Grill/Heater£200.00

Large Vence Planter - H48cm

Large Vence Planter - H48cm£50.00

Latchmere Raised Planter

Latchmere Raised Planter£119.00

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Page 1 of 1:    18 Items
Cast Iron Radiators