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Avon Window Fasteners

The Avon Window Fastener is suitable for both contemporary and traditional properites or a mix of both. The four sided design is created by hand with a series of hammered blows and perfectly matches our Avon lever door handles.









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Beeswax Locking Avon Fastener

Beeswax Locking Avon Fastener£25.87   £20.70

Beeswax Night-Vent Locking Avon Fastener

Beeswax Night-Vent Locking Avon Fastener£29.48   £23.58

Black Locking Avon Fastener

Black Locking Avon Fastener£27.17   £21.74

Black Night-Vent Locking Avon Fastener

Black Night-Vent Locking Avon Fastener£30.96   £24.77

Pewter Locking Avon Fastener

Pewter Locking Avon Fastener£29.75   £23.80

Pewter Night-Vent Locking Avon Fastener

Pewter Night-Vent Locking Avon Fastener£33.91   £27.13


Page 1 of 1:    6 Items