Copper, nickel, tin and brass baths

Our copper baths come in freestanding, roll top or slipper varieties. The graceful shapes are skilfully hand beaten from the highest quality solid copper, giving it that extra feel of class and sophistication. Our unique finishes such as antique copper give a stunning rustic look. If you want copper in your bathroom, you've come to the right place!

We stock many famous brands from BC Designs and Allingham Baths. If you're looking for different materials, we have nickel, brass and tin baths available that offer a slightly more edgy look. 

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BC Designs Copper/Nickel Boat Bath
£5,058.00  -  £5,955.00
BC Designs Antique Copper Boat Bath
£5,221.00  -  £5,873.00
Copper Baths - Alverton
£4,995.00  (1)
Copper Baths - Godolphin
Allingham Nickel Bath
BC Designs 1700 Nickel Boat Bath
BC Designs Brass Boat Bath
£5,221.00  -  £5,873.00
BC Designs Copper Boat Bath Copper Inner/Copper Outer
£4,894.00  -  £5,873.00
BC Designs Nickel Boat Bath
£5,058.00  -  £6,281.00
BC Designs Tin Boat Bath
£5,221.00  -  £5,873.00
Copper Bateau 1500mm Bath
Copper Baths - Bateau
Copper Baths - Bulle
£4,925.00  -  £5,140.00
Copper Baths - Bulle Reserve
Zille Nickel Bath

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Why us?

Our beautiful copper baths are handmade using traditional methods such as hammering, meaning every bath is a unique piece with slight variations and undulations. We also offer free nationwide delivery, meaning you don't have to worry about getting your new bath into the boot. We also stock a huge variety of shapes and styles meaning theirs a copper or nickel tub for everyone. 

Why Choose Copper?

Copper bathtubs retain heat for longer than acrylic versions which means you can enjoy a longer soak. You will also gain a stunning look and bring a touch of luxury to your bathroom. If you are replacing an old copper bath in a period property, using the same material as before can ensure you don't lose the vintage vibes. 

Copper Baths - Care Instructions

If you need any further advice on the care and maintenance of your copper bath feel free to contact Period House Store for further information, we have years of experience and would be happy to help.