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Engineered Oak Flooring

Rustic and Oiled Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered Oak Flooring has now taken over solid oak flooring in popularity. You get the look of solid oak with a solid oak top plank and floor boards that are ultra stable. We carefully source our flooring, not always the cheapest but you can be sure you will receive a quality product and not regret your purchase.

Samples are available, contact our sales department on 01748 821500. Delivery is charged at cost of flooring which can vary due to the length of the boards. Some products in our range are long lengths upto 4 metres and delivery has to be charged accordingly. 

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21/6mm Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring 150-260mm

21/6mm Unfinished Engineered Oak Flooring 150-260mm£46.00  -  £57.00

Cathedral Engineered oak Flooring

Cathedral Engineered oak Flooring£60.00  -  £63.50

Antique Distillery Engineered Oak Flooring

Antique Distillery Engineered Oak Flooring£113.40  -  £136.20

Antique Smokehouse Engineered Oak Flooring

Antique Smokehouse Engineered Oak Flooring£113.40  -  £136.20

Burnt Grey Engineered Oak Flooring

Burnt Grey Engineered Oak Flooring£118.20  -  £142.20

Clapton Mill Engineered Oak Flooring

Clapton Mill Engineered Oak Flooring£113.40  -  £136.20

Mountain Ridge Engineered Oak Flooring

Mountain Ridge Engineered Oak Flooring£113.40  -  £136.20

Old Boathouse Engineered Oak Flooring

Old Boathouse Engineered Oak Flooring£113.40  -  £136.20

Wharf Engineered Oak Flooring

Wharf Engineered Oak Flooring£113.40  -  £136.20

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