Period Door Furniture

Period door furniture, traditional door knobs and handles

We sell an extensive range of Georgian and Victorian door knobs, that have been faithfully reproduced from original antiques. If you're struggling to find an exact match replacement for your period home, we are sure you'll find the next best thing in our collection. We sell door knobs, handles, knockers, bolts, hinges, letter boxes, locks, latches, hooks, chains, numbers and door stoppers. If you can attach it to a door, we have it!

Our wide range means you can ensure your project is consistent throughout the home. Next-day delivery is available on all orders if your project is in a hurry! Our sales team are on hand to give you advice about your project and what products would suit you. 

Period door furniture holds an intrinsic allure, capturing the essence of bygone eras while adding character and charm to any space. These exquisite pieces, encompassing doorknobs, handles, knockers, hinges, and other hardware, reflect the craftsmanship and style of specific historical periods.

The Georgian era boasts elegance and symmetry, influencing door furniture with its graceful lines and elaborate designs. Brass and polished steel were favoured materials, showcasing ornate patterns and intricate detailing. Door knockers in the shape of lion heads or elaborate scrolls epitomized the opulence of the time.

Moving into the Victorian period, door furniture became a canvas for expression. Intriguing motifs like nature-inspired patterns, intertwined foliage, and mythical creatures graced handles and knobs. Rich materials such as bronze, brass, and iron were extensively used, reflecting the era's appreciation for lavish embellishments.

Art Deco, emerging in the 1920s and 1930s, brought forth a shift in design, characterised by sleek lines and geometric shapes. Door furniture of this era exhibited boldness and sophistication, featuring chrome, glass, and Bakelite in streamlined and modernistic forms.

The enduring appeal of period door furniture lies in its ability to transcend time. Today, reproductions and restorations allow homeowners to revive the elegance and craftsmanship of these historical periods, infusing spaces with nostalgia and a sense of heritage.

Whether adorning a period home or adding a touch of vintage charm to a modern abode, period door furniture serves as a testament to the artistry and aesthetic sensibilities of different epochs. Its timeless allure continues to captivate enthusiasts, preserving the legacy of craftsmanship through every intricate detail.