Cast Iron Radiators from Period House Store - We have been leading suppliers for over 18 years, and have become experts in our field. We also offer an extensive range of valves and accessories and offer an extensive range of finishes and can colour match to all the major paint companies.

We have supplied famous clients including Sir Ian Botham , Gabby Logan and Sophie Dahl, they have also been featured on BBC show DIY SOS and supplied to several stately homes. All our cast iron radiators are hand assembled and finished in the UK, are fully pressure tested and QC checked, and many come with a lifetime guarantee. Free colour samples are available on request.



Accessories & Information

Cast Iron Radiator Covers

In this section a range of cast iron radiator covers are available for clients looking to cover steel radiators.

Cast Iron Radiator Ordering Information

This section gives our customers to read about the assembly process of our cast iron radiators.

Cast Iron Radiator BTU Calculator

A handy tool to calculate the heat required for your room.

Carron Cast Iron Radiators

An extensive collection of Cast Iron radiators with a lifetime guarantee, order on-line.

Cast Iron Radiator Finishing Options

Both Carron & Arroll offer a range of finishes for their radiators which are covered in this section.

Cast Iron Radiators - Ready To Go

Order Pre- Assembled Traditional Radiators for next day nationwide delivery.


We build our cast iron radiators by the section to give you the length required or the heat output you need.

All our Victorian radiators are pressure tested to 10 bar and come with a 10 year or Lifetime guarantee. Our range includes a classic and ornate range. The classic range includes The Victorian which is our best seller. Our ornate range is expanding and has 16 different styles.       

About Our Cast Iron Radiators

Period radiators have always been cast as individual sections and then joined together, most of our radiators are delivered fully assembled, however if over 20 sections they will be delivered in 2 parts with an assembly tool. This makes moving them after delivery much safer and easier. They come in a huge variety of finishes including painted, highlighted and polished as well as antiqued finish. We can colour match to all the major paint companies so your radiator can match your interior scheme.

There are many different styles from the very popular simple Victorian radiators to very ornate castings often seen in town houses. Cast Iron Radiators are a very effective way to heat your home, they take slightly longer to heat up and when you heating system has been turned off they retain their heat for up to an hour. As standard they come with 1/2 connections which suits almost all traditional valves, if you select a valve that is 3/4 we supply the 3/4 bushes, also supplied is a bleed valve which is available in various finishes.

Our staff are very experienced and can help you size up the size of radiator you need to give the correct amount of heat required to heat your rooms. You can either use or BTU Calculator  to work out the required heat output our call our office for assistance. Basically a BTU is a British thermal unit which you need to work out that your room needs for example 5000 BTU. Then all our cast iron radiators have a BTU figure per individual section, so if the required output in 5000 BTU and the radiator you like has an output figure of 500 BTU you would need 10 sections. We then build that for you in the finish you require,