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Cast Iron Radiators

Period House Store have been supplying Cast Iron Radiators for over 15 years, and have become experts in our field. We also offer an extensive range of cast iron radiator valves and accessories and offer an extensive range of finishes and can colour match to all the major paint companies.

We have supplied famous clients including Sir Ian Botham , Gaby Logan and Sophie Dahl, they have also been featured on BBC show DIY SOS and supplied to several stately homes. All our cast iron radiators are hand assembled and finished in the UK, are fully pressure tested and QC checked, and many come with a lifetime guarantee. Free colour samples are available on request.

Cast Iron Radiators from Period House Store

Victorian 4 Cast Iron Radiators

Our best selling Victorian radiators available in 5 heights.

Victorian 3 Cast Iron Radiators

The latest addition to the Victorian family of Cast Iron Radiators, available in one height

Victorian 2 Cast Iron Radiators

A perfect radiator for hallways where space is limited.

Cast Iron Radiators Valves & Accessories

This section has an extensive collection of traditional radiator valves, wall stays and pipe shrouds.

Victorian 6 Cast Iron Radiators

The Victorian 6 Column Radiator has a generous heat output, available in 3 heights.

Victorian 9 Cast Iron Radiators

A perfect Cast Iron Radiator for low windows makes a lovely warm seat!

Duchess Cast Iron Radiators

The Duchess radiators are a classic design which work in many settings. A firm favourite.

Cast Iron Radiator Finishing Options

Both Carron & Arroll offer a range of finishes for their radiators which are covered in this section.

Peerless Cast Iron Radiators

A timeless design, The Peerless is similar to the Duchess with slightly different feet.

Princess Cast Iron Radiators

Another very popular cast iron radiator, the Princess in elegant and available in 3 heights.

Daisy Cast Iron Radiators

If your looking for classic cast iron radiators with on ornate twist, the daisy works very well, available in 3 heights.

Rococo Single Column Cast Iron Radiators

A space saving ornate design and works well with the Rococo 2 column cast iron radiators.

Rococo 2 Column Cast Iron Radiators

A classic French design design, The Rococo 2 Column radiator works well in most interiors.

Verona Cast Iron Radiators

A french Classic design The Verona radiator is extremely versatile available in 3 heights.

Antoinette Cast Iron Radiators

If you are looking for ornate, The Antoinette is for you, widely used by designers for an impact statement.

Chelsea Cast Iron Radiators

The Chelsea cast iron radiator was taken off an original from Chelsea Barracks, stunning design.

Churchill Cast Iron Radiators

An almost Industrial Design The Churchill Radiator offers a unique look with high outputs.

Dragonfly Cast Iron Radiators

One on its own, The dragonfly is one of Period House Store radiators decorative collection.

Duchess 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators

A twist on the Vic 9 Cast Iron Radiators, with a curved top, perfect where height is an issue.

Deco Cast Iron Radiators

The Deco Cast Iron Radiators are an art deco design which are also sleek at an affordable price.

Eton Cast Iron Radiators

If simplicity is what you are looking for the Eton radiator is for you, available in 3 heights.

Narrow Eton Cast Iron Radiators

A slimmer version to its big brother, The Narrow Eton is perfect where space is tight.

Liberty Cast Iron Radiators - Carron

Another Art Nouveau design The Liberty Cast Iron Radiators are a classic choice for this period, but blend into other schemes.

Orleans Cast Iron Radiators

An Art Nouveau classic, The Orleans Radiator standing at almost a metre tall, an impressive statement.

Rathmell 4 Cast Iron Radiators

This cast iron radiator features a signature curved top with a 4 column design.

Ribbon Cast Iron Radiators

Another great ornate design cast iron radiator available in 3 heights.

Ribbon 4 Column Cast Iron Radiators

A design on its own, The Ribbon 4 Collumn cast iron radiator is a real statement peice in the right setting.

Turin Cast Iron Radiator

The Turin Cast Iron Radiators are perfect for an elegant look where height is restricted.

Tuscany Cast Iron Radiators

Our Cast Iron Radiators Ornate Collection has recently expanded to include the fantastic Tuscany.

The Neo-Classic Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

The Neo Classic Radiators are a versitile range available in 4 heights.

Neo-Classic 3 Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

Complimenting The Neo Classic 4 Column Radiators, perfect where space is restricted.

Victorian 6 Column Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

The Victorian 6 column is perfect for customers looking for high heat outputs, as featured in our own living room!

Victorian 9 Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

The Victorian 9 is part of the Victorian Range and is used widely under windows.

Princess Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

The Arroll Princess is a sleek radiator perfect for a classic look where space is limited.

Prince Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

A unique design to Arroll the prince is a simple radiator with a slight ornate twist.

Cherub Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

The Arroll Cherub Cast Iron Radiators are a stunning design and also offer a good heat output.

Daisy Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

The Daisy is a classic French style and offers a bridge between classic and highly ornate radiators.

Rococo Single Column Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

Available in 3 heights, The Rococo is a slim ornate design, very versatile at competitive prices.

Parisian 2 Column Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

The Parisian is a 2 column version of The Rococo and is quite often used with it in interior schemes.

Edwardian 4  Cast Iron Radiators

A European casting with a great range of sizes, The Edwardian Cast Iron Radiators fit with most interiors.

Edwardian 6 Cast Iron Radiators

The Edwardian radiator is also available in a 6 column, giving out a generous heat output.

Duchess Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

The Duchess is a classic choice and works with most interiors, a firm favourite.

Art Nouveau Cast Iron Radiators

Classic Art Nouveau styling and priced at a competitve level for customers looking for an ornate radiator.

Rococo 3 Cast Iron Radiators

The Rococo Cast Iron Radiator has decoration on all three columns.

Peerless Arroll Cast Iron Radiators

A popular choice in a timeless design, the peerless cast iron radiators work in all settings.

Carron Cast Iron Radiators

An extensive collection of Cast Iron radiators with a lifetime guarantee, order on-line.

Steel Column Radiators - Traditional

Our Column Radiators are made from pressed steel and gives a more contemporary look than our cast iron radiators.

Traditional Bathroom Radiators

Perfect for bathrooms and cloakrooms, a selection of traditional heated towel rails.


Accessories & Information

Cast Iron Radiator Covers

In this section a range of cast iron radiator covers are available for clients looking to cover steel radiators.

Cast Iron Radiator Ordering Information

This section gives our customers to read about the assembly process of our cast iron radiators.

Cast Iron Radiator BTU Calculator

A handy tool to calculate the heat required for your room.

Cast Iron Radiators - Ready To Go

Order Pre- Assembled Traditional Radiators for next day nationwide delivery.


We build our cast iron radiators by the section to give you the length required or the heat output you need.

All our reproduction cast iron radiators are pressure tested to 10 bar and come with a 10 year or Lifetime guarantee. Our range includes a classic and ornate range. The classic range includes The Victorian which is our best seller. Our ornate range is expanding and has 16 different styles. 

We deliver our traditional radiators all over the UK,  to London daily and worldwide, delivery outside the UK is priced on application.

The Picture below shows part of our radiator displays in our showroom, we are proud we have a showroom and fully manned sales office, which many websites do not. As a long established business you can be sure you are buying your radiators from the right place.

Our Very Own Cast Iron Radiator Showroom

Sarah Hornby - We received quotes from 4 companies for our cast iron radiators. Period House Store came back with the best price, and we are not disapointed with the quality. We were concerned about spening a large amount on the internet, but you can certainly trust this company.

Mark Mcualy - Bought a couple of radiators of this company and although I don’t usually write reviews the Standard and Service I received was full stars . Thanks Andrew for all your help radiators and valves  look fab .

Philip Glover - I have been looking for months for a victorian radiator that would fit under my study window, the lowest I could find was 460mm. Period House have just added this to their 4 column radiators. A perfect fit for my study.

Randal WainrightAfter a lot of research on the internet looking for Cast Iron Radiators, we decided to pay Period House Store a visit. It was well worth the 2 hour drive. We were offered a Coffee and then Emma spent an hour with us going through the finishes and helped us get the sizes we needed.

They have a great website but being slightly senior in years we wanted to see them in the flesh as well. Several of the other sites we looked at didn't have a proper showroom.

We are now in receipt of the fabulous radiators which look truly outstanding in our Georgian property

Andrew Nathan - We own a period house and was replacing some cast iron radiators with those from arroll - these brackets finish the radiators off great.  Period house store were best place to get both the rads and the accessories.


Benefits of a Cast Iron Radiator from The Period House Store

Cast iron radiators provide a much more comfortable and ambient heat, as the heat gently radiates over time.  You will gain a classic timeless look that sits perfectly with period properties, however our Victorian Radiators are equally at home in more contemporary  settings.

Carron and Arroll Cast Iron Radiators World Wide Delivery

As mentioned earlier, we supply the full range of Carron and Arroll cast iron radiators world wide. So, let us tell you a bit more about both brands…

Carron Radiators have been popular for many years, with the company praised for their unique work and ornate designs. Their products are often featured in the press, and most recently you may have noticed that their Duchess radiator was featured in the Multiyork Furniture Ltd Spring TV advert.

Their selection of radiators is varied, and we are proud to have the full range available for you, from simplistic designs to elaborate and intricate ornate victorian designs. There is no way you are going to struggle to find a radiator for your period property from the options that we have for sale. If you can’t decide what radiator to go for, don’t fret, as one of our friendly and experienced sales team will be more than willing to help you every step of the way.

What about Arroll cast iron radiators? Arroll is another manufacturer with an exceptional reputation in the industry. They are based in Belfast, and they supply traditional radiators with elegant and timeless designs combined with advanced functionality. They describe themselves as a fusion between authentic craftsmanship and classic beauty.

We have an extensive collection of cast iron radiators for you to choose from, and, again, there is something for all tastes, all requirements, and all budgets. Visit our store or website to see for yourself.

News From Period House Store

So far 2018 has been a busy year for Period House Store.  We have been involved in some amazing projects including working with Nicholas Haslam Interior Designers on a Shooting Lodge in Scotland, a prestigious residential development in Edinburgh, on going work at Battersea Power Station in London, proving our Cast Iron Radiators are as popular as ever.