22 December 2023  |  Admin

Personalising a cast iron radiator

22 December 2023  |  Admin

Preserving and maintaining a cast iron radiator

30 November 2023  |  Admin

Styling your space with antique cast iron radiators

29 November 2023  |  Admin

Opening up a hidden fireplace

2 November 2023  |  Admin

How To Clean a Cast Iron Fireplace

Live out your upstairs/downstairs fantasies with a spot of grate blackening!

2 November 2023  |  Admin

DIY Tips : How to install a new fireplace surround

Artcile from the Readers Digest which gives a step by step guide to installing a new fireplace surround.

29 October 2023  |  Admin

Decorative Heating: Incorporating Cast Iron Radiators into Interior Design

When it comes to interior design, the focus is often on color palettes, furniture, and decor. Yet, there's a crucial element that can greatly impact the overall aesthetic and comfort of a space - heating solutions. Cast iron radiators, once a staple in historical homes, have made a remarkable comeback in modern interior design.

29 October 2023  |  Admin

When it comes to heating your period home, it's essential to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Cast iron radiators have become a popular choice for homeowners looking to blend classic charm with efficient heating solutions.

12 January 2023  |  Admin

Cast Iron Radiators - Valve Guide

19 December 2022  |  Admin

George Clarke's Remarkable Renovations - TRANSFORMS Old Bank Into Family Home

Period House Store Cast Iron Radiators Featured On George Clarke's Remarkable Renovations

9 August 2022  |  Admin

Middleham Grange

26 January 2022  |  Admin

Cast Iron Radiator Accessories

13 January 2022  |  Admin

What Our Customers Say About Period House Store Cast Iron Radiators

17 December 2021  |  Admin

Heating Your Bathroom

30 November 2021  |  Admin

Keep Safe And Warm This Winter With A Cast Iron Radiator

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