Bakelite light switches and fittings

Our Bakelight switches and fittings create a vintage art deco style in your period property. We stock toggle Bakelite switches as well as pull switches suitable for any room in the house. The vintage reproduction Bakelite fittings ensure you can replace old Bakelite switches seamlessly. We've created 'gangs' of 1,2,3,4,6 original style Bakelite switches if you are replacing a bunch of fittings at the same time. 

Our Bakelite toggle switches are available in either a brown or white dome and hardwood mounting pattresses in Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak or Unfinished. We are also able to colour match to swatches supplied.
Matching wood switches and sockets can be used from our classic range can be used to complete your project.

Bakelite is a material developed in the early 20th century and was one of the first commercial uses of plastic. It's high melting point and low conductivity made it perfect for us in the electrical industry.

Soon after its production, Bakelight light switches were produced and have since become an iconic vintage style. Along with the famous Bakelite telephones, light fittings were the second most popular application of Bakelite material.