Terracotta Floor Tiles

Our Terracotta Floor Tiles are an exiting new addition and very on-trend. Terracotta has been around for years giving a rustic, hard wearing durable finish when treated. Used widely in Kitchens, hallways and boot rooms it is perfect for adding warmth and character to your room. The tiles are a combination of russet, red and umber tones which are enhanced when finished. Our terracotta floor tiles are handmade, so each tile is unique with hand finished edges which results in a floor that looks like it has been laid for years. 

They are available in a variety of sizes and are available for nationwide delivery.

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Terracotta Floor Tiles - Brick
Terracotta Floor Tile - Square
Terracotta Floor Tiles - Hexagon
Terracotta Floor Tiles - Picket
Terracotta Floor Tiles - Antique Burgundy
Terracotta Floor Tiles - Recycled Pavers
Terracotta Floor Tiles - Parquet
Bees Wax Polish Antique
Boiled Linseed Oil
Stone Essentials Stone Shield
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Terracotta floor tiles are a popular choice at Period House Store, widely used on our projects. Our traditional terracotta tiles are available in hexagon, parquet and brick designs, they are porous and require sealing, you can use the traditional method of linseed oil and finishing with beeswax our using our stone sealer. The tiles then need grouting and most customers will opt for a buff or grey colour. If you need any further assistance call our sales office on 01748 821500.

Our tiles are suitable for underfloor heating and are handmade to high standards. To lay the surface must be level , clean and free of dust and must be dry, new concrete floors must be fully dry.  When laying terracotta floor tiles the existing floor will be raised by the thickness of the tile plus the height of the adhesive bed. When cutting the tiles we recommend a diamond cutter or an angle grinder.


Our Terracotta Floor tiles have been use to good effect in 3 local barn conversations, hey used it in the kitchens running through to the rear porch areas and boot room - pictures to follow.