Cast Iron Radiators - FAQ

What Size Radiator Do I Need

Cast Iron Radiators are the same as modern radiators is they have a heat output. The first step is to use out Heat Calculator and enter the sizes and details of your room which then gives you a heat output required for that room.

Each of our radiators has an output per section so for example if you need 10000 BTU for your living room and the radiator you have chosen has 500 BTU per section, you would need a 20 section. We list radiators on the website up to 25 sections, we can build them bigger than this, contact our sales department who are always on hand for any assistance you may need.


Assembly of Part Assembled Cast Iron Radiators

Our larger radiators will be delivered part assembled, which enables them to be handled safely. The guide below explains the process, which is a straight forward job for your plumber to complete again we are always available for any assistance required.

Download our part assembly guide here.


Moving Your Radiators

To ensure the safe handling of your cast iron radiators please follow the information below.

Cast iron radiators are heavy, you must ensure adequate manpower is available for moving them inside as the delivery is a paletised delivery, the driver will move the pallet to the nearest hardstanding area. You must make sure that the radiator is moved in the upright position once it is removed from the pallet to prevent flexing the seals. The most common method is to support the radiator between the fins by using support bars at each end as illustrated below. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

Cast Iron Radiator Handling