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Letterboxes & Letterplates


Our Period Door Furniture collection, includes an extensive collection of period letterplates commonly know as traditional letter boxes.  A Letter Tidy sits on the inside of the door to tidy the hole up and also stop draughts.  We have a range of different size letter plates also in a range of different finishes including polished brass, nickel and chrome.

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Aged Brass Large Letter Plate

Aged Brass Large Letter Plate£85.13   £68.10

Aged Brass Small Letter Plate

Aged Brass Small Letter Plate£73.05   £58.44

Aged Bronze Letterplate - Large

Aged Bronze Letterplate - Large£88.07   £70.46

Aged Bronze Small Letterplate

Aged Bronze Small Letterplate£73.91   £59.13

Black Letter Plate

Black Letter Plate£47.80   £38.24

Black Small Letterplate

Black Small Letterplate£44.04   £35.23

Bronze Letter Plate

Bronze Letter Plate£100.60   £80.48

External Beeswax Large Letter Plate

External Beeswax Large Letter Plate£100.57   £80.46

External Beeswax Small Letter Plate

External Beeswax Small Letter Plate£91.29   £73.03

Pewter Letter Plate

Pewter Letter Plate£100.57   £80.46

Pewter Small Letterplate

Pewter Small Letterplate£91.29   £73.03

Polished Brass Letterplate - Large

Polished Brass Letterplate - Large£59.19   £47.35

Polished Brass Letterplate - Small

Polished Brass Letterplate - Small£50.95   £40.76

Polished Bronze Letterplate - Large

Polished Bronze Letterplate - Large£88.07   £70.46

Polished Bronze Small Letterplate

Polished Bronze Small Letterplate£73.91   £59.13

Polished Chrome Letterplate - Large

Polished Chrome Letterplate - Large£73.92   £59.14

Polished Chrome Letterplate - Small

Polished Chrome Letterplate - Small£65.08   £52.06

Polished Nickel Letterplate - Large

Polished Nickel Letterplate - Large£85.13   £68.10

Polished Nickel Letterplate - Small

Polished Nickel Letterplate - Small£73.05   £58.44

Polished Brass Postal Letter Plate

Polished Brass Postal Letter Plate£65.08   £52.06

Polished Brass Art Deco Letter Plate

Polished Brass Art Deco Letter Plate£68.04   £54.43


Page 1 of 1:    29 Items