How Our Cast Iron Radiators Are Built

Our cast iron radiators are assembled, finished and tested in our UK workshops by a team of highly-skilled technicians who produce your radiators from the initial picking of the sections, right through to final quality control and despatch in our 50,000 Sq Foot production facility. The below guide gives you an insight to the process and the bespoke nature of the product which is why generally there is a 10/14-day lead time.

Cast Iron Radiator Preparation

Order Preparation

Firstly a job sheet is created, then all the sections and components required for your radiators are picked and meticulously checked for marks and imperfections. They are then fettled and rubbed down in preparation to be painted, polished or hand burnished.

Spraying The Radiator Sections

To achieve an exceptionally durable paint finish on our cast iron radiators, we first prime and paint all the radiator sections individually, assuring each section is evenly covered. These are then left in our drying area before moving on the radiator build area.

We have a wide selection of paint finished but we can paint to all the major paint manufacturers including Farrow & Ball and Little Greene. We also have an in-house tinting machine enabling us to match 12,000 colours. Our radiators are finished as standard in a satin finish, however we can on request finish in matt and gloss.

Cast Iron Radiator Preparation

Highlighting/Hand Burnishing

Particular attention is required when hand burnishing and highlighting each section of the radiators and we have a state-of-the-art machine which polishes the individual sections. This obviosuly takes time, which is why the lead time of hand burnished/polished radiators is a little longer than other finishes. Each section is thoroughly checked before they're moved onto the radiator build area.

Hand-Burnished Radiator Finish


A hand burnished finish will have received a high degree of polishing using fine ceramic abrasives which is then buffed with a stitched polishing mop. This process is very time consuming but the result is a finish full of character and makes your radiator the centrepiece to a room.

Satin Polish Radiator Finish

Satin Polish

A satin polished finish is created using the same ceramic abrasive process as hand burnished but the final polishing process is changed to give a more subtle sheen and a wonderful antiqued quality to your cast iron radiators. Both hand burnished and satin polished finishes can be lacquered if required which ensures no further maintenance is required.

Highlighted Radiator Finish

Highlight Polish

For a highlight polish each cast iron radiator section is first painted in a colour of choice, this is most often black. The raised pattern is then delicately polished by hand using a fine abrasive wheel. This then accentuates the pattern and creates a beautifully authentic aged look and feel.

Assembling Our Cast Iron Radiators

Once the radiator sections have been painted or polished, they move to the assembly area. Here, we have state of the art machines that are calibrated to provide precision, ensuring each joint has the correct amount of torque. We use industry leading expanded graphite seals,which have undergone rigorous testing, to enable us to give a lifetime guarantee. Before pressure testing, our cast iron radiators are then alignment checked.

Cast Iron Radiator Assembly
Cast Iron Radiator Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

All of our radiators are put through vigorous and robust testing. A continuous high pressure is applied for a minimum of 24 hours, at a rate well beyond that of normal water pressure found in UK households. Only when the pressure test has been passed do the radiators move to the final stage.

Final Overspray and Quality Control

A final round of painting or hand polishing is carried out to perfectly finish the radiators and safeguard a high quality finish. The radiators are again left in the drying area before they move to the quality control area for the Production Manager to check and ensure they meet our high standards, before they move to the packing area.

Cast Iron Radiator Final Finishing
Cast Iron Radiator Despatching

Boxed & Protected

Once completed, the radiators are inspected and given a quality control stamp of approval. They're then placed on a pallet and boxed ready to be picked up by our couriers and dispatched to your choice of address.

For larger cast iron radiators, they will be delivered part assembled, which enables them to be handled safely. Your plumber will be able to complete the assembly using our simple guide.