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Period Door Furniture - Glass Door Knobs

Our Period Door Furniture Collection includes a Stunning range of glass door knobs available in a variety of finishes.

If you are looking for an elegant look these door knobs really add a touch of class. They are hand blown in Cornwall and made entirely in the UK. Usually on a 7-10 day leadtime, but well worth the wait.

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Balloon Glass Door Knobs

Balloon Glass Door Knobs£180.00

Chequerboard Glass Door Knobs

Chequerboard Glass Door Knobs£225.00

Daisy Glass Door Knobs

Daisy Glass Door Knobs£180.00

Frosted Smooth Glass Door Knobs

Frosted Smooth Glass Door Knobs£172.50

Love Hearts Glass Door Knobs

Love Hearts Glass Door Knobs£202.50

Millefiori Glass Door Knobs

Millefiori Glass Door Knobs£225.00

Oval Glass Door Knobs

Oval Glass Door Knobs£187.50

Ribbed Glass Door Knobs

Ribbed Glass Door Knobs£180.00

Smooth Glass Door Knobs

Smooth Glass Door Knobs£172.50

Viennese Glass Door Knobs

Viennese Glass Door Knobs£202.50

Whirl Glass Door Knobs

Whirl Glass Door Knobs£187.50


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items
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