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Sash Window Lifts

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Antique Pewter Sash Lift

Antique Pewter Sash Lift£7.37   £5.90

Beeswax Sash Lift

Beeswax Sash Lift£7.37   £5.90

Black Sash Lift

Black Sash Lift£6.84   £5.47

Polished Brass Sash Eye Lift

Polished Brass Sash Eye Lift£8.64   £6.91

Polished Brass Sash Lift

Polished Brass Sash Lift£6.09   £4.87

Polished Chrome Sash Eye Lift

Polished Chrome Sash Eye Lift£9.63   £7.70

Polished Chrome Sash Lift

Polished Chrome Sash Lift£6.77   £5.42


Page 1 of 1:    7 Items