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Our Thumbturns offer an added feature where further privacy is required, perfect for bathroom doors.

The thumbturns are lockable from the inside only , in case of emergencies they can be opened from the outside with a coin.

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Polished Brass Round Bathroom Thumbturn

Polished Brass Round Bathroom Thumbturn£23.86   £19.09

Aged Brass Round Bathroom Thumbturn

Aged Brass Round Bathroom Thumbturn£34.27   £27.42

Polished Bronze Round Bathroom Thumbturn

Polished Bronze Round Bathroom Thumbturn£39.93   £31.94

Aged Bronze Round Bathroom Thumbturn

Aged Bronze Round Bathroom Thumbturn£39.93   £31.94

Beeswax Round Bathroom Thumbturn

Beeswax Round Bathroom Thumbturn£28.61   £22.89

Black Round Bathroom Thumbturn

Black Round Bathroom Thumbturn£28.61   £22.89

Bronze Round Bathroom Thumbturn

Bronze Round Bathroom Thumbturn£28.61   £22.89

Polished Nickel Round Bathroom Thumbturn

Polished Nickel Round Bathroom Thumbturn£24.29   £19.43

Pewter Round Bathroom Thumbturn

Pewter Round Bathroom Thumbturn£30.44   £24.35

External Beeswax Round Bathroom Thumbturn

External Beeswax Round Bathroom Thumbturn£30.44   £24.35

Beeswax Diamond Bathroom Thumbturn

Beeswax Diamond Bathroom Thumbturn£30.14   £24.11

Black Diamond Bathroom Thumbturn

Black Diamond Bathroom Thumbturn£30.14   £24.11

External Beeswax Diamond Bathroom Thumbturn

External Beeswax Diamond Bathroom Thumbturn£31.65   £25.32

Pewter Diamond Bathroom Thumbturn

Pewter Diamond Bathroom Thumbturn£31.65   £25.32

Polished Chrome Round Bathroom Thumbturn

Polished Chrome Round Bathroom Thumbturn£34.27   £27.42


Page 1 of 1:    15 Items