Carron Radiators Factory Visit

16 March 2016  |  Admin

We have a very close relationship with Carron our supplier of cast iron radiators.

Today I have visited their production facility in Lincolnshire, to see the process from start to finish of the assembly of their cast iron radiators.

A great deal of skill and work goes into producing their range of cast iron radiators Each section is sand cast using CNC moulds and 3D modelling techniques together with efficient vacuum cast production line. The result is a crisp, detailed decoration.


Once cast, sections are transferred to the specially built paint shop or to the polishing workshop to receive the first layer of paint or first round of polishing depending on the client’s preference.

Once dry, they are put through a rigorous, high pressure testing process. Carron ensure the total time that every section is tested exceeds more than 24 hours, at a rate well beyond that of normal water pressure found in UK homes.. 

Once each radiator has passed the testing phase, they can then be transferred back to the spray team to complete Carron’s unique dual painted method: this is where a final round of painting or hand polishing is carried out to produce a high quality finish.

Once completed they are given a final inspection and a Quality Control stamp of approval when they can now be prepared for dispatch.

Click below to view Carron's Cast Iron Radiators.

On Pressure TestSpray Booth