Cast Iron Radiator UK Cast Iron Radiators Vs. Modern Radiators

3 August 2016  |  Admin

Cast Iron Radiator UK

Cast iron radiator UK solutions are more popular than they ever have been. More and more homeowners are going for this traditional style of radiator over modern versions, such as aluminium and steel radiators. But, why? Read on to discover the many benefits of cast iron radiators over the contemporary alternatives.

The cast iron radiator has certainly re-emerged over the past few years, and while it may be an old style of radiator, it certainly holds its own against the likes of steel and aluminium radiators. Of course, one of the main advantages of this type of radiator is the style of it. When it comes to period renovations, be it a warehouse, church, or barn conversion, there is nothing better than a cast iron radiator. It has a traditional style that cannot be emulated by any other type of radiator.

However, the conventional and antique style of cast iron radiators is not the only benefit. These radiators are better when it comes to heat output in regards to space taken up. A cast radiator is going to take up much less wall space when compared with a steel or aluminium radiator, yet it gives off a great heat output. Modern radiators can be much more awkward, as they need to be in a central location in the room so that they can be in contact with the room’s air in order to heat it.

If that wasn’t enough, cast iron radiators are also energy efficient. This is not something you would expect from an old style of radiator, but there are numerous factors that ensure efficiency. Firstly, iron is more conductive than steel. It is also far denser and heavier, which means your room will stay warmer for longer once the boiler is switched off. Cast iron also provides a more gentle, comfortable, and ambient heat. Thus, while a cast iron radiator UK takes a little longer to heat, it is certainly worth it.