Cast Iron Radiator Valves By Period House

11 November 2021  |  Admin

Cast Iron Radiator Valves By Period House

Valves are a vital aspect of any cast iron radiator and they allow you to set the temperature to suit your requirements. 


Here at Period House, however, we do not believe that these essential components should just be dull necessities. Instead, we feel that they can add that perfect finishing touch to your new heating solution.


Classic Options

  • Amberley - The Amberley is one of our most popular models. Its simple design suits a period home beautifully. This piece features a real wooden head and comes in a variety of materials: Black, Polished or Satin Nickel, Pewter, Antique or Polished Brass, and Chrome.

  • Windsor - The Windsor is similar in appearance to the Amberley and also includes a real wooden head. It differs, however, by being available in a number of different finish options. These are Brushed, Antiqued or Polished Copper, Unlacquered, Burnished or Brushed Brass, and Pewter.

  • Rosa - This floral-shaped valve offers a subtle elegance. This model can be installed on your current heating system, no matter its size.

  • Belgravia - The Belgravia is one of our more cost-effective options. It is easy to use and has the appearance of traditional English bathroom taps.

  • Victorian - This model features a flower-shaped head, somewhat similar to the Rosa model. It is important to consider that the Victorian requires 3/4" (22mm) radiator bushings, however, it may be fitted to 1/2" (15mm) pipework.

  • Admiral - Similar in look to the Amberley and the Windsor, the Admiral is a highly desirable model with vintage styling.


Our range of classic radiator valves gives enough choice to complement any of our cast iron radiators. However, should you wish for something more ornate, we also offer several decorative options. Read on to learn more about these.


Decorative Options

  • Abbey - The Abbey model is one of the most versatile in our range. It is suitable for both 1/2 and 3/4 inch connections, and 15 and 22mm pipework. 

  • Buckingham - This model has been a consistently popular choice since we began selling cast iron radiators. There is an overt French influence, and the angular top perfectly emphasises the graceful curves.

  • Manual Lever Handle - Our varied Manual Lever models offer a stunning finish to your cast iron radiator. The real wooden handles are easy to use and effortlessly chic. 

  • Crocus - Somewhat aesthetically similar to the Abbey, this model is also available in Antiqued Brass and Black Nickel. These darker materials can truly introduce some drama to your cast iron radiator.


Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV)/Manual/Throttle (Lever Control) 


When deciding upon the valves for your cast iron radiator it is important to consider which type of control you would prefer, whether Manual, Throttle (Lever Control), or a Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV). 

  • Manual - Rather than adjusting to air temperature, Manual control has just two settings, off and on. 

  • Throttle - Perhaps falling in between the TRV and Manual options, the Throttle allows the user to have the radiator turned on, whilst being able to adjust the temperature.

  • TRV - This will automatically adjust the amount of hot water in your radiator in order to control the temperature of your space.


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