Clearwater Baths

3 April 2017  |  Admin

Recently, we have added AND expanded a bathroom range in our collection called Clearwater Baths. This collection of baths, basins, taps and wastes range from modern contemporary designs to the Classic Period House Store style.

The Baths and Basins come in two different materials: natural stone for detailed edges and complex designs, or the new innovative material Clearstone. This new material has the aesthetics of standard Bath and Basin stone but with tenfold the strength and integrity of standard Bath/Basin materials to ensure its difficulty to damage.

The Modern Bath designs reflect on recent contemporary styles but with effective, large, thin-rimmed interiors to allow for more room in your bath whilst having a small exterior to allow for more space in your bathroom.

The Classic Bath designs are based on vintage styled baths but with a twist of Period House Style. Even though they may look old-fashioned, the current bath technology surely is not.

The Clearwater Basins come with two different styles in two different materials:

The Clearstone and Natural Stone Basins correspond with Modern designs and the Classic design Basins are made from Natural Stone which compliment the aged style. 

The Clearwater tap range have taps for both Baths and Basins in two different styles, Sapphire which has a curved lever on the top for that sleek finish and Crystal for that sharp, straight sophisticated look. Each of these styles can be chosen for Basin mixers (Without Wastes), Bath Fillers (Single Filler, Double Filler, Bath and Shower Mixer all Without Wastes) and all these can be Mounted or Standing as well.

Our Bath Wastes come in various styles and mechanisms suited for many peoples tastes. You could go for the modern Click-Clack waste either with or without an overflow and in either a Chrome, Clearstone or Natural Stone material. The other option is to go for a Classic Plug & Chain option which really amplifies the retro look of any Clearwater bath.

Our Basin Wastes are towards the more contemporary side of style with Click-Clack and Flip-Top wastes and different variations of Bottle Traps to stop any precious jewellery or small belongings from being lost.

All in all, the Clearwater Baths range is there to fully equip and really boost the look of any bathroom to its full potential. 

At the moment we are selling all these Clearwater products with a massive 25% discount, Free Nationwide Delivery AND a Free 10 Year Guarantee! 

If you are looking for quality products at a fantastic price, then look no further than the Clearwater range. Head over to our Bathroom collection to browse the Clearwater range or click one of the Clearwater links in this Blog post.