Different Types Of Cast Iron Radiators

20 September 2021  |  Admin

Different Types Of Cast Iron Radiators

There are many reasons to choose a cast iron radiator as a heating solution for your home. The high grade of cast iron that we use ensures higher heat retention than your typical steel radiator. This means that not only is your home heated more efficiently, you are also saving money on heating bills, whilst helping the environment. 

Furthermore, the high quality of all the materials we use makes sure that these radiators are built to last. This saves you the hassle of replacing them, and also means that fewer raw materials are used overall, compared to traditional steel radiators, which again is good for the environment.

However, what excites us most is the variety of radiator models that we offer. There are so many, in fact, that you will be sure to find something that perfectly suits your aesthetic, whether this subtly complements your décor or acts as a statement piece. We can broadly divide our different models into three categories: Victorian, contemporary and decorative. Find out more about them below.

Victorian Cast Iron Radiators


Our Victorian collection is based on authentic designs and brings classic style to any building. We offer an extensive range of shapes and sizes, meaning that you can find the perfect fit for any space.


The slim two column suits a narrow hallway, whereas the nine column is ideal for positioning under a bay window. This variety means that you can have consistency in style throughout your home.

Contemporary Cast Iron Radiators 


For a more modern finish, our contemporary cast iron radiators are an excellent choice. The clean lines of these models offer period design combined with up-to-date heating technology, giving you the best of both worlds. We offer six contemporary options, which you can view by following the links below: 








Decorative Cast Iron Radiators 


Our decorative collection affords you the opportunity to make your heating solution a true statement piece. The Antoinette or Verona models are perhaps our most ornate options, whereas the Churchill, whilst still decorative, is more subdued. Follow the links below to view all of our decorative models: 














Colours And Finishes

Finding your ideal radiator(s) does not end with just selecting the model. You can personalise your heating solution further by selecting your desired colour(s) and finish(es). View the numerous options that we offer here.


As well as selecting the model, colour and finish, you can also complete your radiator(s) in a manner that suits you by choosing accessories, including valves and pipe shrouds. You can explore all possible options here. Furthermore, you can add a flourish with our wall stays. These come in a variety of options, which can all complement your radiator. Many customers who opt for a less decorative model can show a little extra style by using more bold accessories as highlights.

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