Cast Iron Radiator Accessories

26 January 2022  |  Admin

Here at Period House Store, we are incredibly proud of the many fittings and furnishings that we have to offer, all of which have been carefully chosen to finish your historic property beautifully - or to add a classic twist to newer spaces!

Our cast iron radiators are among our most popular items. These stunning pieces not only make a beautiful feature in any room, but will also heat your home efficiently and effectively. What’s more, they can be highly personalised, not just by selecting the right model and colour for you, but also by picking accessories to complete the look.

Read on to find out more about these finishing touches, which can create the ideal heating solution for any space.


Valves are used to manage the amount of hot water that enters and leaves your radiator, thereby controlling the temperature of the model, and that of the space it is in. 

We supply a variety of options, ranging from smooth and sleek, to classically ornate. These are available in a number of different materials and finishes, which you can explore on our website here.

If you would like to learn more about our selection of valves, you can browse this on our website or read our previous blog.  

Wall Stays

Whilst our cast iron radiators are free-standing, it is advised that you use wall stays to stabilise them. This not only prevents the risk of damage to the model itself, but is also vital for the safety of any children in your home (or that of clumsy adults!).

Fortunately, these are not just a dull necessity, they can add that extra touch of style and personalisation to your radiator.

We offer a number of styles in a wide selection of materials, such as Brass, Copper, Chrome and Nickel (to name a few). There are also a number of different finish options for you to choose from, allowing you to tailor the overall look exactly to your interior design vision.

Explore the full collection here.

Pipe Shrouds

Designing your dream radiator is an exciting experience, but the day that it is finally plumbed in and switched on is the best part! Unfortunately, some of our previous clients have found that they did not fully consider what their radiator would look like once it had been fitted.

Whilst the aesthetic is important, functionality is vital. This means that piping is a necessity!

If you are concerned that piping may detract from the appearance of your new cast iron radiator, we have the perfect solution: pipe shrouds!

These neatly (and stylishly) hide any unsightly pipework, and give you the chance to finish your new heating solution to suit your taste. This remains true whether you select a classic material and finish to blend in with your radiator, or a bold, striking option for a big, contrasting impact.

Have a look at the pipe shrouds that we have in stock here.

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